prayer for protection from an extremely abusive husband

by Sonya (South Carolina)

I am currently wanting to end my abusive marriage. I entered the marriage thinking it would be forever, but I can’t continue like this. My husband is so controlling & abusive to me & our children. All but the oldest. He won’t let us out of the house he yells & screams & puts us down & calls us names & breaks things all for no reason.

I have to beg to go anywhere even to church or to go to appointments or to even see my family. He fuses if I ask for money for the bills or for help with anything. We are told who we can be friends with or have any kind of contact with even family. We are told what we are aloud to eat & what we are aloud to watch or do. We are told what music to listen to.

He has hit me threatened to kill me & make it look like I killed myself or left him & our children. He has told me if I ever try to report him or leave him & take the kids I better hope he can’t find me or he’ll beat the “doodle” out of me or kill me.I have no where to go he has gotten rid of friends and my own family won’t come around anymore. We are alone.

I have had to take beatings from him for no reason & to protect my children. I am tired of being accused of cheating everyday. Its uncalled for. I can’t take this abuse anymore & neither can our children. The house im renting is in my name but he has made it clear I can’t survive without his help with the bills.

I pray everyday for a means to support me & our children without him. I pray for him to just leave us so we don’t have to live in fear anymore. That we may be free of him in glory to god.

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  1. Praying for you

    Reach out to the authorities, this sounds familiar to what I myself have gone through.. Do not be afraid GOD is with you, giving you the will of strength. No one deserves to be abused in the way that you are, I know you are afraid, but you need ta ask yourself how long will you put up with you and your children being hurt.

    I am praying for I am praying that you can get yourself away from this abuse, I pray that you and your children remain safe and protected by The Lord, our heavenly Father Jesus Christ.


  2. praying

    Hi I was reading though some of these to pray for. It saddened s me to read this and hurts to hear such of things is going on with u and your kids I wish that you were closer to me I would hide u and your family. I will pray for u as much as I can. I was in an relationship like that but it wasnt that abusive just verbal but I couldn’t do anything he was just like a bad dream every night I woke up in dreams and screams no sleep cause of him just being rude and hateful. One day I got myself together with my son and I left yes it was a fight but I fought back scared and yes afraid of my life. I struggled for a bet but I made it in the end. We as women have strength that we don’t know about and remember once we muster up the strength we can do anything always remember also god is there that is our strength I always prayed and cried and yes sometimes I set and say should I say with I would be better but no that’s not an option of mine we are women for a reason god made us mothers for a reason the faith and strength that we pray for god carries that for us he is always there girl and yes my ex also told me there is no godcause he wasn’t a believer so yes he down me emotionally I was strong though I fought back mentally. Get yourself an journal hide it write in it daily track your steps girl and the more you write about your life the stronger you will be OK. I had to keep telling myself that iam strong and pray offen. I will give u my email address if you like just comment on your prayer and tell me how to contact you OK. I will pray for you and family your not alone.

  3. Praying for you

    Hi it is painful to read the suffering you are going through. Will keep you in my prayers. Pray for God to give u a job cos that is the first step given ur scenario. My heart goes out to you

  4. The Lord is with You

    Trust in the Lord with all you do and lean not on your own understanding.

    I believe God will never abandon you in that situation. Remember that with each challenge God has also given a solution. Stay in prayer my sister and God’s face is always shining on you.

  5. There is help

    I’m so sorry to hear your story. It breaks my heart to hear of you and your children’s suffering. I have lived a similar life when I was married to an abusive and controlling person as well who deceived everyone including me in so many ways. I received similar treatment and threats and he ended up taking custody of my daughter using my military career against me because I did not want to stay married to him. I did not report him when I should have because I was too fearful of him and when I did the court did not believe he was abusive because I did not end up in the hospital. I continue to fight for custody of our child.

    I will pray for help for you and your children…that you will be protected and pointed in the right direction to a healthier and safer life. No one deserves this. And I hope you don’t believe it is your fault and that you know you and your children deserve to be safe and to have joy, peace, and love again.

  6. Prayers for you

    I pray you and your children will find relief from this suffering. I too have suffered abuse and the emotional pain is as bad as the physical pain. I escaped and you can too. This is not the plan God had for you. God will give you the strength and the wisdom to escape this situation. God loves you and I’m praying for you and your family.

  7. Lord

    I pray for you this morning
    And that The Lord will guide you
    In the steps you need to take
    Put it on his shoulders
    You can survive alone because
    The Lord will guide you as you help yourself

  8. praying for you

    Ask God to lead you and guide you to do the right thing. Put it in His hands and have faith. God will direct you I pray for you and your children and your husband as well. He needs God in his life. DO NOT GIVE UP. God is with you. Trust Him.

  9. Abusive husband

    I pray for all these storys! Sonya storys is alot like mine.However he has turned 3 of my children against me if the cops come they lie for him and they believe him….I pray I still have a faith even though I am all alone. My oldest daughter this past 2 years finally said Mom I want go with you if you leave..but where…no money,no place. I’m alone but I pray and I pray I have been able to go to church for a little while I’ll go as long as I can…..also a job working my he can make my life a nightmare…but I pray I will get a job please pray for me. I love Jesus and he has done so much for me when I should’ve been dead so many times and I hold onto him my Jesus…Hold to Jesus!!!!!! Many prayers!!!!!!!!

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