Prayer For Protection From a Stalker

by S (U.S.)

Please pray for protection for myself and my children from our stalker. I had a restraining order against him for many years, which he violated many times. Then he finally stopped bothering us and for several yaers nothing happened so i let the order expire thinking he would finally leave us alone, last week he showed up at my daughter’s school and my mom’s old address. I am gathering evidence to get another restraining order, but. the police still are only really able to do something if he actually harms one of us or happens to still be there when the police arrive, which he never is. This person is very violent, has mental health issues and is using drugs. I am scared for us but also tired of being a victim and always looking over my shoulder. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

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  1. stalker

    My daughters ex husband is threatening her boyfriend.

    Please pray for her

    Thanks and God bless

  2. Stalkers

    Father in Heaven may all those who are persued by stalkers/oppressors be protected in the blood of Christ and the persecutors be brought to justice so they cannot harm another. May the persuers see the errors of their ways and seek the kingdom of God. In Jesus name. Amen.

  3. Remote Stalker

    I have had remote stalkers for nearly 12 years. One of the worst is an ‘ex-boyfriend’ who has become an absolute nutcase. He stalks 24/7 everyday and night. He bashes my name to all, mocks me, shuns my values, and acts like I am his possession. He uses a remote camera to access anywhere I am throughout the day and talk live. He has taken over my entire life and shut it down. The police can do nothing. He does not have a conscience. He has led breakins to places I have lived, drugged me unconscious and raped me, stripped me down, and has used my place as if it is his own. It essentially is a mental illness with full capacities. By law it is not a mental illness but who does such things. A terrorist. For all who are stalked, without means to end the stalkers, keep praying, and remember God promises to take care of enemies. I just wish He’d hurry up!

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