Prayer for Post-breakup

by Jeremiah ()

My boyfriend of four years ghosted me in april. he moved out and cut off any possible communication. i had to take it upon myself to move out and i am now living in a studio on campus. ever since i’ve been on my own i’ve been focusing more on practicing self care and becoming a better version of myself. i met my ex when i weighed 250, and when he left me i was at 350 due to other preexisting underlying life stressors regardless of my relationship stressors (family dynamics). I understand the circumstances we faced as a couple, however i don’t understand how it ended the way it ended. me and my ex go to the same school together and we lived together for a little under a year. as of last week, i ran into him for the first time since april. it was awkward bc i was holding back a lot. he was getting emotional and i was getting anxious. during our conversation we agreed to meet up again later to discuss closure. however i believe he was leading me on bc he isint able to confront this issue of closure hence why he ghosted me. towards the end of the conversation he asked for a hug and i said yea. he squeezed me real hard however i didn’t reciprocate his hug. i pray that if or when the next time i see him i don’t hold anything back. i pray that in the meantime, before i run into him again, i can focus on myself and move on in a health way.

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