Prayer for Nephew

Father, please remove the scourge of cancer from my nephew’s body. He is still a young man, now a new husband, and is greatly loved by his dedicated and courageous bride, his family and many friends. I know that only You can perform miracles. In response to my entrities, You keep giving me the message to “expect a miracle.” Hold true to Your word and let me not be put to shame. Place your healing hands upon his ravaged body, wipe it clean of all disease and pain, restore his strength and energy and give him the opportunity to continue to serve You in this life so that he may eventually join You in everlasting life. Just as You raised Lazarus from the dead, bring him back from the brink of darkness and grant him good and lasting health. Let him be the example of your beneficence and your mercy. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord. Amen