Prayer for my sister

by Byron (NC)

Dear Lord,

I would never be so vain as to ask for material things, but Lord, my dear Sister has been out of work for more than a year and 6 months.

She lost her wonderful job, unexpectedly, the same month we unexpectedly lost our Mother. I keep saying that many of her depression issues would pass if she could just get a break with her employment.

Dear Lord, I ask because she is such a wonderful sister, Mother, daughter and child of God.

You have provided for her and her son so that they are able to stay in their home and I only hope, Lord, you can bless her with some work. Either way, we all remain loyal in our love walk with God.

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  1. May ur prayer be granted.

    I pray to the Lord that may your pray be granted and may your sister come out of the many depressions and may she get a suitable job soon.


  2. pray for my family

    Lord , I need you in my darkest hour. My husband has turned into a degenerate drug addict who is not being responsible. He has made life unmanageable and for all appearances is lost in the throws of addiction. I am staying at a hotel with my small daughter to get away. I need prayers answered for change. I have been given more than i can tolerate. Please answer prayers to remove the evil affliction of drug abuse and restore his soul so that we can begin to repair our marriage. Please restore our marriage. Lord my heart is turning cold. please watch over our family and restore sanity. I ask these things in Christ name

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