prayer for my relationship

Lord, i have tried many ways of praying, i bowed down on my knees, i layed still on my bed, i chanted, i raised my voice and shouted your name out loud but still you havent answered. and now am streching out to the world for help Father i need you to intervine now Lord, i beg of you. My body refuses to function and my heart knows no rest, because of all of the lonliness, frustration and depression. Father you said no man shall live alone but here i am all alone. i have moved from one relationship to another, society calls me all sorts of names. You have planted in me a love that is true, loyal, kind and forgiving, why then Lord cant you send me a partner that would give me the same kind of love back? I dont like what they call me and what they think of me Father because it is not who i am. All men come into my life and are quick to loose interest. Father if i am in the wrong please Lord reveal to me what it is that i am doing wrong. I love you Lord and i know you love me too Please fill my heart with peace love and happiness because i know i deserve to be happy. I am in a relationship now although he seems to be straying for no reason father please i dont want to be with another i have been with enough. Let this one work father for the Goodness of your will Lord. I am your child Lord you have given me authority over the devil dont allow him have authority over me. Plant faith everyday in my heart so that i can be hopfull that Father this prayer has been answered in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Aman…… all those of you who reading this prayer please pray with me i am desprate and my heart is weary, i dont sleep at night and all my pillow knows is every drop of my tears, i am growing older each day but still no love please pray for me children of God am dying inside. Thank you all in advance

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