Prayer for my missing pet cat

by Jarrod Prieto (Hudson, Florida, USA)

All mighty and ever living God, I ask the help of your son, Jesus, and of St. Felix of Nola to find and locate my missing baby girl, Luna. She has been out of my house since 6:00am on January 12th, 2014, and has been missing all day, and I don’t know where she is, at all.

I’ve looked everywhere around my neighborhood, and all the backyards of other houses, and still nothing.

The last time we ever heard from her howls and meows, she was on outside, on our own house roof.

This is leading us to fear that she’s been either attacked or taken by birds of prey.

And so, God, Jesus, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Felix of Nola, I ask you to help me, my mother, and any neighbors in our neighborhood, to find and help bring her back home to me, safe, sound and unharmed.

And let our beacon of love shine more and more brightly, so that she can find her way home again.

Let it shine forth from my heart and home to light her way back and to hasten our reunion. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for hearing my prayer.


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  1. God hears you

    We recently lost our black Russian shelter sweet kitty of 10 months who slipped out the front door and disappeared. I posted flyers, prayed to God to somehow return the cat to show a miracle to loved ones and neighbors since nothing is ever lost in God’s World. Also asked for understanding what going on here?
    Two months later coming home from grocery store at 9 PM at night husband spotted identical looking kitty in his headlights at where we enter code to get in neighborhood. It was an abandoned 5 week old kitten in the shrubs. Husband picked him up and he purred instantly on his chest..we took him home then vets who told us he a healthy little one. This kitten has grown into the most people loving cuddling cat we could of ever dreamed and was a sign that God answers prayers in many ways. Who would of thought delivering identical baby cat on our doorsteps was the way. Don’t give up hope God will bring back or give you another pet that needed to be in your family.

  2. Baby

    Dear Jesus, Mother Mary and all heavenly saints, please bring my baby kitty back home to me safely, unharmed and soon. He has been missing since April 5, 2016. He is the sweetest most loving cat tuxedo cat. We also call him Ninja and JC for Jacob Carlos but mostly I just call him baby kitty cause he was the baby of my 3 cats. He just had his 3rd birthday and I haven’t seen him since.

    In Jesus name I pray,

  3. missing cat

    My beloved senior cat Kiki is not seen from 6
    30am Monday 22 -08-2016.We are very fond of her
    i am not able to see her for the last so many days and I am heart broken.please pray for her safe return immediately

  4. Missing pussycat

    Dear St Francis and St Gertrude please protect my missing pussycat, keep him safe and help guide him home. I wish I knew where he is. My heart is very sad and I miss him. Thank you for hearing my prayer. Amen

  5. Dear St Francis and St Gertrude

    My landlord has stolen 5 of my cats from me. I ask for their safe return so we can all move together to a place where we can be safe.

  6. Dear St Francis and St Gertrude

    My landlord has stolen 5 of my cats from me. I ask for their safe return so we can all move together to a place where we can be safe.In Jesus name I pray.

  7. Dear Saint Francis and Saint Gertrude

    Several of my cats have totally vanished. I keep calling for them and looking for them. My landlord doesn’t want them on the property and I need to move with them . I also need the finances to move. I pray my landlord doesn’t get rid of them or kill them. I need a miracle of their safe return! I ask all of this in the name of Jesus!

  8. My friend is the one LOST without her CAT

    St. Francis- Please watch over Charlie and keep him safe. His family is empty and sick and needs him back tonight.

    And let their beacon of love shine more and more brightly, so that Charlie can find his way home again.

    Let it shine forth from Ali’s heart and home to light his way back and to hasten their reunion.

    Please give her the strength and conviction that this nightmare will eventually be over and he will be exactly where he belongs, right by her side.

    Let her heart be healed because she is able to touch and see her boy for many more years. Please let Charlie return home very soon. Thank you.

  9. Missing Cat

    Please pray that el Gato, our missing cat, finds his way safely home. He is an indoor cat and may be scared. St. Francis, please provide him and his human family with guidance to reunite. Thank you.

  10. Bebe

    Loving God,
    My sister’s cats been missing since yesterday. Please bring her home safe❤Thank You

  11. I miss her

    Dear God, I know that I’m not the most religious person in the word, but here I am, asking for your help.
    Please, bring my sweet cat that went missing a couple of hours ago back.
    Or at least give me a sign that she is safe

  12. Bring Luna home safely

    Dear Lord and all the Archangels such as Raphael, Ariel, and Chumeal that look after lost animals plus my Guardian Angels and Spirit Guide please use your positive energy to return my black cat Luna to his home in Blind River Ontario Canada. Thank everyone for their prayers and positive energy. He has been missing several days and it is not like him.

  13. We love you Jack!

    We hope you are just out on an extended hunt, but wherever you are, we know you want to be home with us. Your food, water, treats and cuddles await your safe return. Please lord, help guide Jack back home to his loving and heartsick family. We miss you terribly!

  14. Dolly, Plz come back home...

    My dolly,my princess or my female dog is missing since yesterday . Jesus , help me to find her.Plz, bring her back home. There’s no one to help.There’s no more place to search.Because, we have done everything to find her. There’s nothing impossible with the god.Dear jesus, I’m suffering.I made everything to made her comfort.I can’t bear this.Jesus, please bring her back.I’m waiting dolly.Come soon.

  15. Please help me

    Sammy my orange Tabby went missing November 17, 2018 in Nashville Tennessee. I live in Georgia but my brother was watching him for me. I came home and heard he ran away. I cry every day and go to bed with on side empty that used to contain Sammy’s snoring body. I love him unconditionally and I wish him to be by my side safely and unharmed soon.

  16. Missing kitty

    Dear heavenly Father
    Thankyou for your love for us and compassion I am sorry for many of my failures but I beg you please help our kitty to come home safe my daughter has had the loss of her father and needs her cat please let him come back to us safe it is horrible not knowing where he is
    You care about all animals and all creation please help us

  17. missing cat Fritzy

    Please Father God by your precious Son Jesus please help my cat to come home and find his way home. Please guide my cat home to safety Father as he will be hungry and thirsty. Thankyou God our Father for giving us care of your wonderful creation

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