Prayer for my husband to be a Godly loving and faithful husband

by Wella (Philippines)

Dear Lord,

I come before you today humbly asking for your guidance and protection. Cleanse my soul and heart Oh Lord for I am a sinner. I am unworthy to receive a help from you but I know you are the only God I know who can help me..Lord,I am struggling with my relationship with my husband and I have been lonely after our wedding.. I have noticed his being cold and far from me.

I feel his being hot tempered and irritated with me. I am very frustrated right now. I am not happy with my husband anymore because of the way he treat me. He is very different right now. Now Oh God I need your help to renew my husband’s heart, make his heart as faithful and humble as you have. Make him love me honestly and faithfully. Stay him away from any evil deeds and temptation, especially women on chat and women on text. that make him get mad at me easily. I know my prayer requires a miracle because before i met my husband he had so much girlfriends already and even now I have a strong feeling that my husband is not that loyal and faithful to me.., I do believe God that nothing is impossible with you. I know you can change my husband’s habit and character.

I trust you Oh Lord that my husband will love me after I send this prayer. I am claiming that tomorrow Lord I will have a happy moments with my husband, he will then became a Godly. honest, loving and very calm husband I have been praying that for a long time Oh god.. Give us prosper in our marriage. Don’t let anyone ruin our marriage God.Make us together so soon. I need your miracle oh God in our married life and in our application.. God give me also a courage and strength to endure every trial in my life. Help and protect my entire family.

I ask all of these in Jesus name I pray amen

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  1. I love my husband to much to loose him

    I pray for my husband to stop chatting, texting, emailing other women.
    To have his heart and soul for only me, we have been thru so much for him disrespect me in this matter. I have forgiven him so many times and he says he prays every day that the devil will not get to him. Lord I ask you to guide him back to the church and praying again for the both of us.

  2. Prayer for my husband

    Dear Lord,-I pray that my husband be a new crwation in Christ our Lord . I pray that he stops cheating on me, lying to me, and flirting with women loveed on his phone. I believe only you Lord can change man, for man is your creation. Please lLord make him turn away from women forever, stop polygamy and have true, genuine love and feelings for me, in Jesus’s Mighty Name, so shall it be, Amen!

  3. Prayer for my husband to always love me, stand by me during trial and for the spirit of faithfulness and be truthful in our marriages.

    Father in heaven. I pray for my husband today, for him to always stand by me during difficult time. Let him support me as a husband. I pray to God for MY husband to have a good wisdom to handle family issues when brought to me oh lord to win his heart, bring in enemity between MY husband and any daugthers of iniquity trying to steal him from me and MY kids. Let him put his marriage first before anyother thing.
    Almighty father, please hear MY cry and answer MY prayer request. I know am not worthy of you but MY father in i need your intervention in my marriage. I know there is nothing 😭 brought to you that you can not answer. Thank you Jesus

  4. Prayer for Godly & faithful husband

    Prayer for my husband to seek God while he can still be found call upon him while he’s near turn away from adultery, lying & secrecy . I pray he will repent and God will have mercy on him and forgive him . Lord remove his heart of stone and give him a heart of flesh . I know nothing is impossible for you ,speak to my husband Lord as no man could , Open his eyes so he can see the his sins open his ears so he can hear your voice , listen & obey you in Jesus Mighty Name . amen

  5. Bring faithfulness and love vack

    U my lord I put my hands in u to guide me to a better martarge so my husband wont stray and dont leave me for some one else just because I cant have any kids please make my marriage strong and solid so no one can come between us I believe in u and miracles

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