Prayer for my grades in school.

Dear God,

I really need you right now and I’m praying really hard that you will answer my prayers. I just want to thank you for answering my prayers all the time and for guiding me. I thank you for giving me a good family and friends to support me during my hardships. I’ve experienced debt a few months ago and thank you so much helping me pay all of it. I really need help with my marks in school. I tried my best in school but I feel like it wasn’t enough. I learned my lesson to work harder. I got my final mark for my major in University but I didn’t make the cut to second year. I’ve been praying to help me guide me through this process. Today, I discovered that that I can do something about it to get the mark. The school can change my mark but it depends on their decision. It’s not guaranteed but I’m willing to take the chance. Please PSH pray for me. All I want is too continue second year next school year for my major. I just want a B in my major course for first year. I worked so hard and all I can do right now is believe in the lord and pray hard that my prayer will be granted. I love you God and I’ll leave it in your hands. Amen.

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  1. God I beg of you

    God, I first of all want to thank you for all you have given me. I thank you for the home I have, for the food I get to eat, for the lovely family, for the nice clothes, amazing best friends, great education and plenty other things. My report grades are coming out in about 2 weeks and I really need you help. This quarter (quarter 2), I need to get straight A’s. I just need your help for this quarter, and then I won’t ever ask again. So far I have straight A’s, but recently I took my Social Studies Midterm and got an 84 percent, which lowered my average to a B+. I honestly just need an A in that class, and I think I should be fine for the rest of my classes. I tried so hard this quarter for an A+ but to no avail. And since I am Indian, my parents do not understand that I really did try and they believe that if I truly did try, I would get straight A’s, but I know that is not always the case. Please help me, you are my only hope. I swear, I won’t request anything like this for a while, and I will thank you a lot and I promise to remember to pray to you everyday. Please help me, because if you don’t, my parents will send me to a private school, where I don’t know anyone and the kids there are probably very mean and I am afraid I won’t make friends because of that, and I will miss my old friend. Please help me.

  2. Praying for help

    Dear God,

    I am praying because I am asking for your help once again. The last time I asked for your help, you heard my prayers and graced me with an A on the exam. I am asking for your help once again for the results of my biochem exam. It was a very difficult exam, but I have faith in the Lord. I promise I will always be a good student and I will continuously strive to be a better version of myself.

    Lord, hear my prayer.


  3. A change of grades

    Father Lord Jesus, I use this person as a point of contact. Lord, I have nowhere else to turn to. Please Lord, I got a d in one of my courses. I need a c- or better in order for me to transfer from the college to university. I’m trusting you to touch my professor’s heart to change my grade. My parents are already asking me for my grades. They are changed to meet 2.50 In Jesus Christ name!!!!

  4. Good grades in school

    lord Jesus thank you for all you have done for me and my family, and thank you for all my good grades in the past. it would have not have been possible without you. Last year, i came here for you to help me get my drivers license as my 19th birthday gift, and you answered me. i prayed that you help me get a B in one of my hardest classes and you answered me, giving me an 3 A’s and 2 Bs. Lord, Im here again. This is my first year in uni, so far, i thank you for all you have done. Lord Jesus, pls i want you to help me pls help be get good grades to make my parents proud. I submit my political sc. critical sexuality and all of my classes unto you. Lord touch the instructors. Please lord, as for my 20th birthday gift, i want good grades. Pls perform this miracle in my life. On my end, i promise to keep my vow. Thank you Jesus for answering me.

  5. I just need one thing

    God I want to thank you for all you have done for me. Honestly, I mean it. I know like isn’t perfect, in fact you have helped me realize that no ones is but you have to make the best out of it. Growing up with divorced parents hasn’t always been easy, especially when they date other people who aren’t good for them. When I was younger I used to call out and ask for physical things, the stupidest things. But this time all I’m asking for is help with my grades. I’m a junior in High School and this is the most important year for colleges. I have found myself in a bad spot in one of my classes. I decided to take spanish 3 because my brother did and I thought it would look good for college but I have a C right now and I have finals next week. I have a hard time in that class and it feels like everyone around me can get A’s on all of the tests but I can’t. I do think I can study more and I will for sure next semester because I hate the feeling that I have right now. It’s this weight that I carry around with me all the time. All I need is a B, I don’t even care if it’s 1% away from a C, I just need a B sooo bad. I’ve gotten fairly good grades in the past but I’m scared that I won’t get into college, and I know that sounds stupid but I’m serious. God I know there’s probably not a lot you can do but I just need thus one thing. You can make my personal life a complete disaster, I just really need a B. Please God, I’m reaching out and I really really need you help.

  6. Lord, Help Me This Semester

    Heavenly Father, I use this person as a point of contact. Lord, I have nowhere else to turn to and I’m looking up to you. Lord, please have mercy on me because my grades are bad. Father I need a c- or better to improve GP. I’m trusting you to help me this semester in other to have no spill over, In Jesus Christ Name!!!! Amen.

  7. Please Help

    Dear God,
    I’ve studied and studied for my chemistry test and I keep dissapointing myself and my parents. Thank you for all you have done for my, like giving me good family and a chance at a good education, but I just need a little luck. Thanks/Amen.

  8. Semester grades

    Dear God please help me in my time of need. Give me the strength and knowledge to succeed. I really want to pass this semester in English and math with a B. I have a test and a essay to turn in. Please help me to get good grades and remember what I need when taking the test. I really want to transfer to a university from community college. Please send me your guidance. In your name I pray. Amen

  9. Help my grades

    I’m not religious at all but I need something more to depend on so please god please I’ve studied for hours upon hours yet if I don’t get good grades my hope will probably fall apart. Last exam my total marks was 539 I hope and I pray that I don’t get lower than that I really really can’t handle that happening.

  10. Thank you god❤️

    I made one the other day but I didn’t send it but it was just asking for my grade to go up to a B in English and it did! ❤️😭 Thankyou god so much and I know I could not have done it without you lord❤️❤️ So thankyou you sooooo muchhhh! And I will try my hardest next year to not see myself in this problem again❤️ Thankyouu and I love you!

  11. Please Lord help me with my grades

    Dear God, I am getting my final report card on Monday and I am so scared. I really need to pass. I have done everything I could already and there is nothing else I can do except pray and ask you for help. please help me pass all my classes and regents all I need is a 65 on each regents and to pass every final you know that I tried my best and I am begging you god please help me pass all my classes and tests I promise that next year I will work harder im sorry and I really need to pass. In Jesus name I pray AMEN!

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