Prayer for my ex girlfriend

by Jessie (El Monte, Ca)

Please, Lord Jesus, soften the heart of my girlfriend as she has hardened her heart towards me. Show her the truth in my heart that I really care about her and love her. Please restore our relationship and bring us back together. I would love for you Lord to be the center of our relationship.

Please God, deliver her from the bondage of sin she is in. Help her realize her sin and repent and return back to her first love, Jesus Christ.

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  1. Touching and Agreeing

    Dearest Jessie
    It is so heart warming to read a man praying for his ex girlfriend. Moreover, to pray that the relationship be center in The Great I Am is so powerful!

    Jessie I am touching and agreeing that your pray will be answered. Just keep the faith. I know your pray has been heard and answered. Even if you can’t see it yet.

    Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, nor has it entered into the hearts of men what God has in store for them that love Him. I KNOW you love HIM because the way you prayed.

    Jessie, never in your wildess dreams can you imagine what HE has instore for you and your girl friend.
    With much love.
    Your sister in Christ.

    P.S Stop using the word ex. 😉

  2. I pray for u. I am going through the same

    My heart feels for you and my sincere best wishes and thoughts are with you. I hope and pray she sees the light.

  3. strenght

    Lord please give him the strenght to guide her back to you and your will for her. use him as a vessel of love and peace.
    faith and focus brother in christ

  4. to a very sincere guy

    I can say that u are a really sincere guy..she’s lucky..i know how u feel coz once i’ve been there when my bf left me..but you know what i didn’t pray to god for him to comeback to me, instead i prayed for him to give strenght to move forward..and believe me god is really single now and i learned how to love myself first…and im ok with that…anyways godbless you and may god hers your heart’s prayers…

  5. A farewell prayer for my ex girlfriend

    Dear father, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ with thanks and appreciation for everything that you have done for us, excluding nothing. I pray and give thanks for the trials that you have bestowed upon Tina and I. You and only you know what we need for becoming a better and Holier child of your image.
    Abba, Father, I pray and cry out to you with my whole heart that Tina and I learn from this relationship and fix the things we failed at for a better relationship with whomever you put in our lives in the future. Please father give us wisdom and knowledge along with humility.
    I beg you father, to wash us in the blood of Jesus, to clean and remove all the ugliness and decay of anger, jealousy, clamour, and deceit we have in us. Help us to teach and bring up our children, sisters and brethren with your word influenced by our testimony. The testimony you predestined.
    Please forgive me for my sins.
    I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ our lord and savior.
    Thank you father, I love you.

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