Prayer for My Daughter and I

by Mariie (Fl)

Please pray for my daughter who is in college to open up to me spend time with me once every few months for a day or two. I miss her so let her return to calling me at least twice a month and facebook with me.

Her Father who she is living with now does not give her her mail or give her phone messages or let her answer the phone. He has her phone blocked from my texts and calls.
She is my heart we left him when she was young due to his control and abuse. Im scared for her every night and suffer great anxiety wake crying and trembling.

I had two weeks notice she was going there for college. I love my daughter Bridget with all my heart. Horrible things were done to me on mothers day and it hurts so bad. I have taught her to be loving and forgiving anf kind but that is not what i am getting. May her heart and soul and body be blessed and protected from all evil.

Please Lord let her come back to me even just to visit to hug to talk about the day or lunch. Let her ask me how ive been. I never ever dreamed it would be like this. Im broken. Restore my life to what you want of it Lord and if I cpuld be happy id love to be married w a family too.

Help her to visit and stsy a night or two on my fiftieth b day and let her feel your love and mine. Soften my daughters heart open her eyes and those people all around her to what and who her father really is. Ive tried my vest with phisical injury fromcar accidents. Please God move her out of where she is living now to a better environment. Love Marjie

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