Prayer For Mother

by Renee ()

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Due to financial constraints, my 81 yr old mother (who has Alzheimer’s disease) has gone from great assisted living care to state funded care. In 3 months time, mom is deeply depressed & no real value in life left. Confused most of the time, and hard for her to communicate, she still knows who her family is – sort of. Mom tells everyone I’m her sister. When first seeing a family member for a visit, she arrives in a heartbreakingly sad and lost presence. When recognition of us comes to her, she cries in relief and desperately holds onto us. Mom is now wheelchair bound and her days are long & lonely. We aren’t allowed into her room to visit, which consists of a bed (with sheets only) and only enough room for a nurse to walk around the bed & assist her. There is a curtain about 3 ft from her bed which separates her from a roommate & a small bathroom opposite the foot of her bed. Supposedly, there is a dayroom, but family isn’t allowed access here either. If we don’t call ahead for visits, it takes staff 20 minutes to dress her properly & bring her down to the most unacceptable visiting room. No furniture to speak of, other than two 4 person tables & 3 chairs. Never a lottery player, I now play weekly in hopes of hitting for enough money to bring mom home w/24 hr nursing care at my house🙏 I am certain mom will give up and die alone otherwise, in the most dire and isolated circumstances I’ve ever witnessed. I’m asking for your prayers to be said for “Peggy” at AL nursing home. I’m praying myself that God arranges for our financial needs, or that He frees mom from prison and takes her to His eternal home for her restored peace. Deepest thanks for your prayer support.

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