Prayer For healing of nerve damage

by Chase (Virginia)

I’ve somehow damaged certain nerves affecting my right hand and arm mostly, little to the left, which has tingling and numbness, functionality is difficult, pressure pain sometimes occurs, and I can feel temperature but not certain external pressure and minimal in textures. This has spread somewhat to my stomach and right leg/foot.

I just want to return to normal and be able to write cursive, cup hands for water, type, draw, engage in sports, tie shoes, shave, brush, and grasp things again.

I would like to pray for all who have the same afflictions in nerves. Because it’s the little things taken for granted that we miss most. A return of those. I pray for happiness to return and those hobbies cherished to be able to be fully experienced again.

That these times are only a test of trust in God and are in no shape or form a hinderance for the life and missions planned for us. Amen.

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  1. I pray the same to you!

    I also suffer from what I believe to be extreme nerve damage to both feet, and some more damage to both of my arms. Actually, several parts of both of my arms. Nerve pain is some of the scariest thing because it signals cell death. And it takes years for nerve pain to regrow apparently. So many things can go wrong too. But anyway I pray for every correction to be present for you and everyone else. I pray for 100% regrowth and regeneration and restoration of our body parts afflicted with this impediment. May the healing be fast, and may you enjoy life again. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

  2. Healed by Jesus stripes

    The bible says pray yet one for the other. That he may be healed I agree with the word.

  3. Nerve damage and many other illnesses due to disobedience

    I disobeyed the Lord countless times by eating unhealthy and feeding my kids unhealthy. I want to come back to the Lord and be saved but I don’t know how. Please pray that he heals the damage I caused not just me but others and that he heals and takes me back.

  4. Response to Wiloria

    Hi Wiloria, I want to share a re-revelation I had about the Lord’s grace just the other day. When Jesus died for us and we accepted him as our Lord and savior, we became blameless And righteous before God. When we sin and after we repent, and we immediately return to that same righteousness before God; it’s all Jesus’ righteousness over us. You don’t need to work your way back. God’s grace is more than sufficient and His love overflows towards you.

    Regarding damage done to others, it may take time, but I believe it is in the Lord’s desire to redeem and restore! Stay in step with Him and let Him direct you in how to love them back to fullness.


  5. Nerve problem.

    Lord my nerves are so bad. My facial nerves are so bad
    It is hard to deal with my daily life. I get so scard at times. Please pray for me. Amen

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