Prayer for healing from bladder infection

by Roisin (UK)

Dear God, please heal me from this affliction. I have taken medication and it has not worked. The pain and discomfort are unbearable. I cannot function. Help give me strength to hold on while you are healing me.

The suffering is intense but this brings me closer to you. I know you are guiding me and I will be safe in your love. It seems as though in the last few years everything is going wrong with my health but this has also brought me to you. Heal me my saviour.

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  1. Faith

    Roisin good morning

    My prayers are with you this morning

    You will clear your mind The Lord will

    Lead you trust in him

    Take charge

  2. Pain

    I have been trying to clear of a uti for a long time. Please God hear my prayer for healing and health and clearing of this bacteria and the uti.

  3. Heal my Bladder problem.

    Dear Lord I am having bladder problem for last two years. Heal me through your power so that I may be able to work without pain and worry.


  4. help me lord

    it has been very uncomfortable i have been urinating alot more then usual please help me relive this and set my body free of this problem thank you

  5. Bladder problem, urinary tract infection

    Oh lord, I have been suffering from difficulty in urinating for pass 10 years. Please use your precious blood and wash away this sickness from my bladder so I will be free from pains and uncomfortable. Amen n Amen!!!!

  6. Bladder problem with 24/7 urgency

    Dear Lord,

    I have been having a very bad bladder problem which is constant and getting sleep is hard. Please heal me lord.


    Speak into the area of pain with authority in the Holy name of JESUS CHRIST…Command the pain out ! don’t ask! It has no right to be there ! and let the peace of our Lord guard your hearts and minds.

  8. Please add me to this prayer list

    Please Lord deliver me from a. Blockage from kidney to bladder in JESUS HOLY NAME

  9. Struggling and in pain

    Father, I ask that you completely heal my urinary tract and remove all the harmful bacteria from within my body that is causing recurrent UTIs. Jesus your blood heals us and I ask it washes over this affliction and stops it happening again and I claim complete healing from this current kidney infection and that no damage is done. I ask that you give me keys to stop this issue completely and lead me to natural remedies that you created for us. In Jesus name. Amen

  10. Bladder

    Dear God ,I’m sorry for my suns. Please having trouble urinating bye my self after my procedure. Please God love you so much. Please help to urinated by my self again getting me depressed. Please God I need you. Sincerely victor pray everyone for me as pray for you.

  11. Prayer for healing of a UTI

    Our precious Jesus, I come to You in prayer, that You lay Your healing hands upon me, and through Your powers, heal me of this UTI now, and in the future, from anymore. Lord, I hand this problem to You, that You do what You may, to heal me, and REMOVE the urgency and pain. Amen

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