Prayer for healing from acute hearing loss

by Madeline ()

I experienced severe vertigo requiring hospitalization 4 days after my first COVID jab. Then I discovered a week later that I have lost my hearing on my left ear. My vertigo problem was healed after treatment with medication but I have profound hearing loss on my left ear. Medicine and acupuncture together seemed to have helped a bit, from almost 90-100% loss to 65-70% loss. But I still cannot hear properly with my left ear even when I turned up the volume because some of the tones are distorted and I have to guess. The hearing loss on my right ear is only 20% so ENT specialist did not suggest hearing aid for me. But I have problem hearing someone who has a soft voice. I have to ask them to raise their voice. This is a problem with on line group meetings because I can’t hear some speakers with both ears even when I crank up the volume to the maximum. I usually can see some sound but don’t know what they are saying. So I would like healing for my hearing loss, specially for improve hearing on my left ear so that not only can I hear sound, but I can hear what people are saying without guessing and that I can hear music as it should sound! Thank you!

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