Prayer for Healing from a sinus infection/upper respiratory

by Frances (Arkansas)

Please pray that God would heal me from this horrible sinus infection that I have had for the last two weeks. I suffer from anxiety and depression and have trouble with panic attacks and this sinus infection has made it hard for me to rest and to breathe. This sets of the anxiety and the depression.

I am always worried about dying. I am a christian and I know that I will go to heaven but it worries me that I would have to leave my family. I am only 46 years old and in pretty good physical health but my mental health has really gotten bad over the last two years.

I suffered the loss of my beloved father due to a year long illness that caused him great suffering and this was VERY hard for me.

I also lost my mom in 1995 at the age of 46, so I am having a hard time dealing with the death anxiety issues. Please pray that God would heal me and help me to find happiness in my life again.

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  1. Praying for You in Jesus name

    Praying for you in Jesus name. Depression can be awful-but I believe your parents are shining down God’s rays of sun to you and your family tree! I am certain they love you very much! Staying in the Word-has been necessary for me-it has been saving me too from all manner of evil! May Jesus bless you in your healing and your family tree for many generations! Expect great and many good things from God!

  2. please pray for me from croup upper respiratory viruses, asthma, bronchitis

    Please pray for my complete healing from upper respiratory issues.

  3. bad infection

    please pray for cindy. She has been very sick wth the sinus infection making her feel totally horrible… Thank you

  4. I am praying

    Frances, hi I read your message and recently have gone through the same symptoms of upper respitory infection and I too feel like I’m gonna die and get anxiety and depression. I’ve been off work for a month. I went to physiologist for relax therapy that was not helpful. The best medicine is running to God and standing on His promises. Thanking, praising and worshipping Him in all our trials. I find getting on my knees right when I wake and when I go to sleep and giving my thoughts and prayers to Him I can rest in His peace. Read psalm 91 and pray against the evil deinonychus spirits and the evil one and bind them and cast them into the lake of fire. We are healed by His stripes. Read your scriptures and use your authority to rebuke with the blood of Jesus. Praying for all Gods saints and the lost blessings to u all.

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