Prayer For healing and good test lab results

by Denise (Spring, TX USA)

I need prayers that the blood test screen I took this morning will come out okay and all is normal. That especially the cancer blood test comes out negative.

For my July 22nd surgery for a hysterectomy is safe, cancer free lab results and no complications. That my surgeons are guided by the Holy Spirit. That my recovery is quick and good.


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  1. Prayers for better health

    I would like a pryer on my behalf for good test lab results. In Christ name. Amen.

  2. liver and low red cells

    Going for some lab work done next week. Dr concern about my liver being inflammation, and low red cells .don’t know what going on .I know jesus is our healer.thanh u

  3. Praying for you

    Just know that I’m praying with you that all things will be well with you and your loved ones.

  4. Praying for you

    Just know that I’m praying with you that all things will be well with you and your loved ones.

  5. Normal laboratory test. Normal blood test

    Dear Lord, I am here kneeling down before you and praying that my laboratory medical test will be all normal My Lord. That is for my family. They needed me my Lord and My God. Forgive me if i am a sinful lady. I will promise you My Lord to be faithful and will nit sin nomore. Make miracle My Lord what you’ve done in the wedding of Cana. Let your blood flow in my blood My Lird… In the intercession of Mother Mary through Christ our Lord… Amen.

  6. To recieve negative blood test results

    I ask and prayer that my daughter receives good news on her blood test that they come back negative

  7. Prayer for good lab results

    Dear God if i have sinned, kindly forgive me. i do have faith and also plead with you that you help me. God i am praying for good lab results tomorrow. this will only be possible throu Christ our Lord who I do believe in

    i am also praying for my sons examination also tomorrow

    God i am begging you. please I will continue to serve and worship you.
    Please answer my prayers. this i ask through Christ our Lord Jesus Christ . Amen

  8. Prayer for negative lab results

    Please pray for me for negative/normal lab results that I had drawn today

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