Prayer for guidance, blessings and protection

by Anthony ()

Heavenly Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I came before you to pray and ask for guidance, blessings and protection when I step-out of our home and drive our service car and go somewhere.

May I ask to please watch over me when I drive our service car. May you bless our service car including all the spare parts from smallest to biggest. I pray that all spare parts are working and all are functional and or in good condition.

May I ask to please touch and bless some of significant spare parts such as, the whole engine and its performance, the cooling system including the water pump, the radiator, the radiator water, the upper and lower radiator hose and its clamps, the water reservoir, the heater hose, the radiator fan motor, the auxiliary fan motor and the like. Also pray for the air conditioning system, the electrical system, the fuel system, the front and rear suspension, the entire body including the portion with rusts, the damaged front shield, etc.

Moreover, may I ask to bless and clothes the other spare parts of protection and stability such as the MAF, Camshaft, Crankshaft and the other sensors. The throttle body, the intake manifold, the PCV, all the hose, the valve cover gasket, the ignition coil, the 4 high tension wires, the 4 spark plugs, the air cleaner, the fuel filter, the fuel pump, the fuel pipes, the fuel lines, the automatic transmission including the filter and the solenoids, the battery, starter, alternator, the computer box and more.

God Bless our service car.

Lord God, let your will be done.

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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