Prayer for grandddaughter

by Sharon ()

My granddaughter has at least for the time being, chosen a gay lifestyle. To make a long story short – she grew up being alienated by her own father at the age of 5. Her step father was not a good influence. He is now out of the picture as well. Her mother, my daughter, left the church years ago over some hurts that I won’t get into. I, her grandmother, picked her up and took her to church for 3 years when she was in middle school. When she started high school, she suddenly didn’t want to go anymore. We had many talks during that time and she had lots of questions. I took her to Christian concerts. She went to Christian camp one summer. Unfortunately, the school she attended is very liberal and they had their influence on her as well. When she “came out” about her decision, I had a talk with her. It was not good. She believes you should be able to “love” who you want to and that she had prayed to God about the feeling she was having. She believes she was “born” this way. No amount of talking would convince her otherwise. Quoting scripture didn’t help. She just said she didn’t agree with that. It ended with her being convinced that what I was telling her was, “God doesn’t love you.”
That was several years ago and our relationship that used to be so good, is nonexistent now. She now shuns me at family functions.
She is “engaged” to her girlfriend now. She knows her granddad and I will not attend if a wedding does take place. A wedding is something to be rejoiced over, celebrated. We cannot rejoice over something God has not ordained; we cannot wish her well in something that is sin. We are loving her enough to risk her hating us, in standing on God’s word of what marriage is – between a man and a woman. Jesus said, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning, made them male and female and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one.’” Matt 19:4-6
This world we live in today has become just like the word says it would. The days are evil and the enemy now is in full speed. But God!!!
I’ve asked my church, my Bible study group and now you – please join me in praying for my granddaughter who will be 21 soon as well as others who are caught in this snare of the enemy. Romans chapter 2 describes a very very sad scene. I do not want my daughter to be among those whom as in verse 24 says, “Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness….“verse 26 “God gave them up to vile passions….” verse 28”…God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting.”
Some Christians are taking a stance of “just love them because God is love.” God IS love!! He also has rules and ways for us to live by. I see nowhere in scripture that we are to turn a blind eye to His commands, turn a blind eye to what He calls sin. Sin SEPARATES us from Him. We’ve got to be bold in these days, proclaim HIS ways!! I’ll not let it be said that I loved my granddaughter straight to Hell….if I tolerate her decision “in love” and one day she DOES come to the Truth, she will say, “You were willing to let me die in my sin!” Not happening!!!
Please pray for her! For the Holy Spirit to invade her life through many avenues. I don’t have the opportunity like I used to.
I’ve thought about writing her a letter. Just one more time, this time in writing, pouring out my heart to her. I’m afraid she’ll tear it up before she even reads it. But then, I need to not fear, right? As Charles Stanley used to say, “Obey God and leave the results to Him.”
I appreciate your prayers for her and for me in hearing what the Lord would have me to do.
Thank you! ❤️
I tried to make this long story short. It really is a lot shorter than what it could have been.

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