Prayer for forgiveness from my daughter

by Richard (St. Charles,Mo,Usa)

My daughter has not spoken to me in nearly 2 years. Please Blessed Mother, ask our Lord to help her forgive me. I have only wanted to be a good Dad to her, but there were times growing up when my anger showed. Please help her remember the good times we had as a family. Please let her know that I care about her very much and that I miss her.

Please take away the anger that she has to be and allow her to see me as a father who really does love her. Please give me the grace to remain patient, but please Lord, let this trial not be longer than it needs to be. I ask you , Blessed Mother, to ask your son to grant her success with her studies and to forgive me. I miss her so much.

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  1. Prayer for Richard

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    Thank you for drawing Richard back to you. May you please help Richard’s daughter to forgive Richard, knowing Richard is loving and miss her so much. (Lord, I’m sorry that I hold anger towards my parents as well. We cannot change our past and the scars are there.) Yet, may you please spoke to Richard’s daughter in your Almighty way, knowing how to establish healthy boundaries where both Richard and Richard’s daughter can communicate with kindness, love, and joy in the days ahead.

    God, I know there’s a time for everything, even to be mad. Again, I’m so thankful that in this period of quietness, you humble Richard, helping him to see the scars he had made on his daughter. May you please help them to love and forgive each other. May Richard lose his faith in you not.

    In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

  2. Prayers

    Dear Richard,

    I had much reason to be angry w my own father. I knew forgiveness was the key to my freedom. It was a process. A long one in my particular circumstances.

    I pray you will find strength from God to not give up, but continue to pray that the Lord will help your daughter seek to forgive and find the true forgiveness in her heart that only He can give. Pray, pray, pray for your daughter. Not for what you want, but for the Lord’s will, which is always good.

    Pray and your heart will line up with the Lord’s heart and the answers will be the best ever.

    I pray you will draw close to our Savior, and that He will keep you from all evil and temptations, and that you will not lose hope, but will be comforted by the Holy Spirit in very special ways. Seek Him, walk purely, repent of any known and unknown sins and watch the hands of the enemy lost it’s grasp in your life.

    Stay pure and holy and ask God to help you in your walk, as you patiently wait on the the Lord for His good answers to you.

    Wait in the Lord, I say, wait, and He shall renew your strength and you will mount up with wings as eagles.

    God hates the proud and He gives grace to the humble. I pray contiued humility in your life and that the Lord would do a miracle for you both.

    Bless you and your daughter.

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