Prayer for Favor in Child Custody Case

Dear St. Jude please pray for me that I will win my child custody case and my daughter will remain in our loving home. I pray that I am granted full legal and physical custody. I pray that her father who is an emotionally abusive man, leaves us alone.

I pray that his girlfriend stays goes away from our lives as her lies are hurting us. St. Jude please help me to remove my sadness and stress and bring back joy in my heart. God bless you St. Jude and all the Saints in heaven. Amen.

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  1. Custody battle

    Please St. Jude help me gain sole custody and increased parenting time with my beautiful daughter. Her father is an emotionally abusive person and has put my daughter, me and my family through endless emotional turmoil. I honestly don’t understand how someone who is viewed as unstable, abusive, and self righteous can be allowed by the courts to raise a child. I have done all I can think of to help my daughter to get away from this man who she doesn’t want to be with. It tears my heart out to hear her cry about not wanting to be with her father. I need your help. I am so helpless in this situation and need your divine intervention to help bring a resolution to this situation so my daughter will remain the beautiful happy spirit she is. I ask that you please grant me this favor and blessing. I promise to always honor you as my special and powerful patron. Amen.

  2. Most Precious St. Jude and precious blood of Jesus Christ, please help this mother and child,along with other mothers such as myself who are going through this situation trying to protect our children

    Most Precious St. Jude and precious blood of Jesus Christ, please I beg, help this mother and child,along with other mothers such as myself who are going through this painfully difficult and unjust situation trying to protect our children. It seems the courts don’t realize the immense harm, damage and pain our vulnerable children are subjected to by allowing emotional,psychological abusers to maintain control and rights in their innocent lives when they truly don’t care for their child but are able to fool the court system and others . Please, in Jesus’ name, help us win full custody and all rights to protect our beautiful blessings you have given us. You’re the only one who can see the truth and bring it to light when we are left helpless by courts, unhealthy unkind parents and their attorneys who don’t act or care enough about the vulnerable children at stake. Please help us mother’s who have lived through a narcissists abuse protect our babies so they don’t go through this emotionally, mentally and physically life draining abuse. It hurts just as much if not more than physical abuse. Please make the courts realize this and stop acting in the abuser’s interest. Remove this evil person and his/their evil ways from our lives and our children’s lives , in Jesus’ name I implore with all my heart!! Please hear our prayers and protect our children Lord please!!! Amen

  3. Custody case for my 7 year old grandson

    I’m asking for prayers St. Jude for my custody case 4/18/7 for my 7 year old grandson. Please father, I need your help St.Jude. My son appears to have a Anti Personality Disorder. He’s selling drugs and getting drunk. He’s emotionally and physically abusive to his new baby’s mother and to my 7 year old grandson. I ask these blessings in your darling son Jesus.

  4. Anomous

    Im in need of a pray ..I’m fighting to get sole custody or even visitation right to see an have my two year old son.i left his father who was verbally an mentally abusive an now he take him away from me with alot of lies on my name pls help me .

  5. Desperate to help my children

    Please if you are reading this, you must understand and care. It’s been 4 months since I’ve been with my children more than 3 hours. Next week is court date. Please pray the judge sees they need their Mama and I am more than fit and loving up fill this precious role. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  6. Prayers Coming and Needed

    I’m praying for you all. I’m in a similar boat, needing my emotionally abusive ex to put our children’s needs before his own and return them to me. Thank you so much.

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