Prayer for deliverance from sexual sin, online prostitution.

by Steve (Mytown, Missouri, U.S)

Ramona is stripping online. “Hercules50” daily torments this sister and gives her money to debase herself and defile the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Please pray the Lord would break the influence of Ramona over those who come to see her strip, and their influence over her, and all of relationships she has with them, especially this one who allows her to keep doing this from a financial point of view.

Pray for deliverance from demonic influence as well.

And pray for me please. I have unmarried couple living above me, and I can feel the demonic oppression. I went on a 5 day fast, while the woman was gone, (Ramona was doing better for about a month then) but then 3 days later she moved back in. I need much prayer support. It has been extremely difficult to get work done, I work from home, and it is hard to get focused and pray as I should.

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  1. I pray for you and will fast also ...

    I will pray that the Lord gives your strength. You must have the gift of prophecy because this is why you hate sin. This is why you must feel oppressed by it.

    I pray that this spirit of oppression is lifted and you feel at peace. I pray that this stripper stops doing what she does and the effects she has on men is gone.

    I have to confess that I am constantly weak and tempted my women like her. I go back and forth. There are days when I feel disgust and have no desire to look. There are other days when the desire is present and I succumb.

    Please pray for me.

    Also pray that the Lord gives me a place to serve. I’m confused. I’ve asked where to live, what to do, how to serve. I have thoughts, but they are confused and muddy. I need His protection, wisdom, peace, purpose and presence.

  2. Your prayers are heard

    Prayer is one the best solutions for your problems. Fasting is also being obedient to God by your efforts of seeking Him through you times of tribulations. God hears your prayers, sees your efforts, & He knows your situations. Continue to pray for Ramona & have faith that she will be delivered from her forms of bondage. Pray for her day & night with a clean heart. As for the couple that lives above you, you should also pray extremely hard for them & yourself because you do not want to be sucked into the traps of the enemy. Do not allow them to send you vibes that creates negative emotions, bitterness, unforgiving ways, or hate. Rebuke the evil from your presence & atmosphere. Ask God to smite away the evil & to send it back to the pits of hell. Do not let your stay-at-home job be affected by any of this negativity. You are doing well in the name of Jesus Christ. You will see a positive change in the name of Jesus Christ. God will answers your prayers in the name of Jesus Christ. Remain with God & He will bring you through. The timing of God is His own but He will be with you & He will not let you experience anything that you can not handle. You are a child of the one true King.
    Dear Lord, please bless Steve with a positive resolve of his situation. Lord please answer his prayers & speak to him with Your wisdom & advice. Lord please help Ramona to shed off any negative attachments that may be on her. Please restore her life & show her how to dance & praise You Lord instead of what she is currently doing. Lord please work your miracles towards Steve & allow him to feel your grace & glory. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray and say Amen. God bless you Steve.

  3. Unhappy female

    I met a woman online that’s unhappy on what she does. She’s an online prostitute and told me how she can’t do anything because she has someone watching over her all day and every day. She told me she started at a very young age. She thought she was going to model but ended up doing something worst. She tells me how she’s unhappy with her job. I talked to her about Jesus and she tells me she wants to meet Jesus but she can’t right now because she’s not free from what she does. I don’t know what she really does. I’m praying for her on a daily basis for her to be free. I feel like she needs more prayers. Please pray for her. Her name is Carla. She’s from Brazil and wants to get out of that dark business. She always tells me how she’s unhappy. She also tells me how they move her from state to state. Please pray for her to be free and also so god could bring those cold-hearted people to justice

    Thank you for reading this message.
    God Bless

  4. Pray for me

    I started prostitution when I was 18 cause I couldn’t get anything I needed from the person taking care of me she couldn’t pay my college too so I decided to get into online prostitution to be able to pay my fees and buy fancy clothes and shoes,vacations on fancy a life that I never got lucky to have please pray for me so that I can stop am only 21 turning 22 soon!i have a long way to go

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