Prayer for Blessing of Twins

by C Peters (South Africa)

Heavenly Father I pray that right now you are working a miracle in my body, I ask Lord in your name that you will Bless my family with the Twins. Lord you know the desires of our hearts. You know the disappointment and the loss we have endured. Lord by your Grace and Mercy I ask that right now at this very moment your are working a miracle in my body.I Thank you Lord that in a few weeks we will rejoice in your name at the news of our pregnancy.I also pray for solid attachment of my baby to the uterine wall. I Pray that my womb and body will be healthy and that I will carry my babies to grow perfectly week by week. I plead the blood of Jesus as a hedge of protection around my womb protecting my babies from all harm.

I am redeemed from Miscarriage, therefore i command my body in Jesus name to come in line with the word of God.
I prounounce in Jesus name that I am in the process of conception.
In Jesus Holey Might Name.

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  1. Thank you

    I prayed this prayer the moment I came across it. I believe it is a powerful prayer. I’ve been praying for twins, but my prayer has been all over the place. This prayer right here made sense and seemed to encapsulate all that I have been trying to ask for from heavenly Father.

    Thank you, God bless you & I pray that we all get what we so deeply desire.

  2. Very powerful prayer,

    Thank you for this powerful prayer. I can feel its power just by reading it. I will be praying this prayer daily when am ready to conceive again. Just lost twins at 25 weeks gestation, very painfull experience. I know God will bless us again.

  3. Voice of gratitude.

    Thank you for this wonderful prayer, it speaks to my heart and says excaltly what my heart desire wants. Will continue saying this prayer for me n my hubby wants children(twins) untill God comes through for us and His will come to pass. Thank you once again may the almighty continue blessing you . Amen

  4. Amen.

    Thank you for this beautiful prayer. Every word represents my request from God for myself and family. I will continue to read this prayer daily until the Lord stores His miracle of blessings upon me.


  5. Powerful


  6. Amen, with God all things are possible

    Thank you for this wonderful prayer, just exactly the kind of prayers point I need , I will be praying this prayer everyday, I know that God will answer us. By the grace of God shall testify to the Glory of God. Amen.

  7. It is done

    As i have always wanted twins…..i know that “IT IS DONE”! this month i believe it is already done and God has already blessed us with twins

  8. In Jesus Name i believe and recive it. Amen.

    I hv been tryn n praying for babies for some months now. I get dissapointed whn we try n it doesnt wrk. I hv been too focoused on health n the physical things. But one day it crosed my mind that all the women who askd God for children in the bible belived God for a miracle. Their focus was on the belive not the perfect tymn for sex with hubby, not using ovulation kits. They just belived n thnkd God for their miracle even whn it wasnt in. I hv changed my way of tinkin. Psalm 127 says it all. Espercialy vrs 3. God says the fruit of the womb is a reward. He gives, He surprise. I even challenge God to tripplets and i knw and belive He has given them to me. In Jesus Name i hv prayed with faith Amen.

  9. All in God's hands

    I believe and have faith that God’s will will be done in our lives. This prayer is so strong and exactly the words I am praying right now for a recent lost last month and now a new blessing in store for us. I pray this prayer and trust and have confidence in God that he has blessed my husband and I with twins. All in God’s hands.

  10. Gods will,will be done.

    I have been told I will have twins by a few others,twice it came to me in a dream that I had twins,one vision of pink and blue baby grows on babies in their carry cot and another dream of me coming from the hospital with 2 carry cots-not one..I strongly believe in the power of this prayer and Gods will in my Jesus name,Amen.

  11. Prayer for twins

    I lost twins last year, one died at 9 weeks, one before 15 weeks. I thank God for taking them to heaven and giving me them even though it was a short time. I am greatful that their hearts and souls go on, even though the pain felt too much to live with I feel secure in the knowledge we will meet again one day and that even now they are with me. I was scared to ask again for twins but I’m feeling stronger now and I have no fear so I am trusting God for a blessing of twins or if he desires more, Jesus I love you and thank you for your love and blessings, Amen.

  12. Mrs

    I prayer for my daughter she is diagnosed with twin pregnancy but was told today that the other twin is no more.Please God do miracle for her by embedding another/ returning the other baby back in her womb with trust.i believe it will happen In Jesus Name Amen.

  13. Amen, Lord I ask

    Thank you for this heartfelt prayer, I felt it’s power and I identify with you. We’ve lost 4 pregnancies, the last one of which was a twin pregnancy a week ago. It’s overwhelming,words cannot express.
    Lord I ask that you bless me with twins again. It is my heart’s desire to have twins, Father I ask for twins. Your ways are higher,and greater; Father I ask that in your plan for my life, you bless me with twins. Father i ask. Amen.

  14. Thank you Lord

    This is a very powerful prayer, I pray that I remember to pray everyday using this prayer. I know that it is already done from the moment when I said this prayer the first time, I know in a few weeks the midwife will tell me that I am carrying twins (one boy, one girl) and that they shall be healthy and protected and covered, as I give birth to them all 3 of us shall be safe, healthy and we shall make it. Lord you have seen the heartbreak that I have felt from years of not being able to conceive, please forgive me for the abortion I had when I was younger. I know I am undeserving, after 11 years of not being able to get pregnant, constant regret, worry and a broken heart each time my period came, please bless me with twins Lord that is all I ask for. The names we have already written Lord in the most sacred place, there’s no wealth, success nothing that my heart desires more than this oh Lord, please allow it to come to pass. Please pray for me everyone 🙏🏾

  15. Bless me lord with healthy twin girls

    I believe in this prayer and I know my God has blessed me with healthy twin girls already

  16. Strong prayer

    We were trying our best to conceive it was a failure, however m happy that God has answered our prayers.
    This is the prayer I recite day night n miracles happen, thank you sister May God keep blessing you n ur family.. thank you again.

  17. Mother of twins

    I key into this prayer, I shall come back and testify. For God is going to bless me with twin boys in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  18. Please bless use with twin girl and boy

    I been want to since I find out I was pregnant with my first kid it never happen had one baby but I am bless to have her in my life I pray that I conceive twins dis cycle girl and boy twins and I go full term without no problems and God please cover me and my babies with your blood

  19. I tap in for twins

    This prayer just soothes my heart ,twins has been our dream me and hubby I declare It shall be accomplished by grace of god .9 years of ttc.

  20. Praise God for our twin blessings

    Coming across this prayer has filled me with such hope, joy and peace that this will happen for as sure as god is Great.
    God doesnt need to adhere to the bodies schedule for he can create miracles at the drop of a hat.
    I pray that me and my partner concieve twins and that everyone reading this too
    In jesus name

  21. God bless you for this prayer

    I will be praying this pray everyday every secs and mins I can feel the power in this prayer.i believe God will bless me with twin boys in Jesus name amen.please Put me in you prayer thanks you

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