Prayer for Blessing of Twins

by C Peters (South Africa)

Heavenly Father I pray that right now you are working a miracle in my body, I ask Lord in your name that you will Bless my family with the Twins. Lord you know the desires of our hearts. You know the disappointment and the loss we have endured. Lord by your Grace and Mercy I ask that right now at this very moment your are working a miracle in my body.I Thank you Lord that in a few weeks we will rejoice in your name at the news of our pregnancy.I also pray for solid attachment of my baby to the uterine wall. I Pray that my womb and body will be healthy and that I will carry my babies to grow perfectly week by week. I plead the blood of Jesus as a hedge of protection around my womb protecting my babies from all harm.

I am redeemed from Miscarriage, therefore i command my body in Jesus name to come in line with the word of God.
I prounounce in Jesus name that I am in the process of conception.
In Jesus Holey Might Name.

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  1. Somi says:
    Thank you

    I prayed this prayer the moment I came across it. I believe it is a powerful prayer. I’ve been praying for twins, but my prayer has been all over the place. This prayer right here made sense and seemed to encapsulate all that I have been trying to ask for from heavenly Father.

    Thank you, God bless you & I pray that we all get what we so deeply desire.

  2. Anonymous says:
    Very powerful prayer,

    Thank you for this powerful prayer. I can feel its power just by reading it. I will be praying this prayer daily when am ready to conceive again. Just lost twins at 25 weeks gestation, very painfull experience. I know God will bless us again.

  3. Anonymous says:
    Voice of gratitude.

    Thank you for this wonderful prayer, it speaks to my heart and says excaltly what my heart desire wants. Will continue saying this prayer for me n my hubby wants children(twins) untill God comes through for us and His will come to pass. Thank you once again may the almighty continue blessing you . Amen

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this beautiful prayer. Every word represents my request from God for myself and family. I will continue to read this prayer daily until the Lord stores His miracle of blessings upon me.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Bless me oh Lord for twins boys.

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