prayer for a permanent job

by Alex (Nairobi)

dearest Lord Jesus,

i come before your presence with thanks giving in my heart to just say thank you for the gift of life you have given to me,a good health, family, friends, and you being my Lord.

Sweet jesus,i kindly ask that you may open up doors to a permanent job.i have searched and i confess at times i have lost hope along the way and trust in you but i keep trying.its the only request i ask of you at this particular time.let me not be the tail but the head.i look up to you with conviction that you hear mee and see me in all that i go through.let your will be done in my life.teach me to be patient and hopeful that all will come to pass at your appointed time.

I lastly thank you for my special girl, nancy for all the help and patient she has shown me in this time of life. bless her, guide and protect her. thank you Dear Lord and may your name be glorified in the works of my hands. thank you and i pray this believing in Jesus Name, Amen

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  1. Permanent job

    Dear Jesus, I thank you for all the wonderful and marvelous things you’ve done and still doing in my life. I ask you dear Lord to please open a full time permanent position for me. I’m doing temporary work right now but Jesus I’m asking you this day to please enlarge my territory. I bless your holy name because I believe it’s already done. I won’t wait until it happens I give you praise in advance. Thank you Jesus.

  2. permanent job

    Dear job,
    Can you please bless me with a permanent job please. I have had 5 different jobs and they all treated me like I’m a child. I want a job were I can become manager and go up the ladder rather than down. I hope I get along with my colleagues and boss. Please lord bless me with a opportunity to become something in my life. Lord give the strength in the morning please. Lord help me get rid of enemies in my life. Lord let me be surround with people that will support me and give me positive feed back lord. Lord please help me find a good husband I can come home to after work. Let us start a family and do not let enemies try and destroy us lord. And lord one more thing lord please I’m begging you help me find good friends lord friends that will protect me and give me good godly advise and not to be backstabbers lord please in the name of Jesus. I have prayed I prayed for myself and others that need help. God bless my house and neighbourhood also the judgemental people that love to call others names and call others crazy lord please send them to hell ASAP please lord I’m begging you lord please in Jesus name I’m crying my heart out to you lord please amen

  3. Prayer for a permanent joy

    O Lord, I thank you for giving me this wonderful life.. Having three precious gift,my kids are more than enough you’ve given me.. Now,im asking and seeking from you O God to please grant my prayers for a permanent job at DepEd so I could provide the needs of my children. This I ask in Jesus name Amen.

  4. Prayer for a permanent joy

    O Lord, I thank you for giving me this wonderful life.. Having three precious gift,my kids are more than enough you’ve given me.. Now,im asking and seeking from you O God to please grant my prayers for a permanent job at DepEd so I could provide the needs of my children. This I ask in Jesus name Amen.


    Dear Lord,

    I give you all the glory and thanks for providing temp work for these past months, but now I seek permanent work. I pray that you will make favourable in the eyes of next employers. Please make me the head and not the tail. I pray that I will finally find a permanent position really soon. That Lord Amen

  6. permanent job

    Dear Lord my contract is ending next year dec,nd I keep asling myself whats gonna happen to me as I hv a family to look after, am a breadwinner o hv been in nd out of contract job,i pray that u grant me a permanent job dear lord so that I can built a home 4 my two kids.thank uou Lord.

  7. Hopeful

    Dear Lord,

    Due to my dad falling sick a year ago, I quit my full time job to take care of him and am now working part time, and in the afternoon I am into sales (the results is not promising at all).

    It is more than 1 year now taking care of my dad, and his condition is considered stable therefore I would like to look for a good paying full time job, but have been in vain. At the same time I do not want to give up my sales job as it can help me when i retire one day (it i am successful in it).

    Lord, I please bless me with a great full time job and please show me the way as to how i should go about doing my sales? Where should I go to find these customers? I believe with your guidance and help these 2 wishes of my will come true soon.

    Po Lin

  8. FTE

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work as an external administrative coordinator. This position has helped our family gain a sense of security. As they are negotiating contract I pray in your name Jesus, BI offers me a full time position. As the rent increased on our home this would help our family live. Never taking vacations I pray for full time employment to take my children to Hawaii and Disneyland. Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do.


  9. Prayer for a permanent job

    I thank God my wife has forwarded me this email. I pray in faith that God gives me a PERMANENT job at Vaal University of Technology where I have been working as a contract lecturer for the past four years. I invite you to pray with me. God bless you.

  10. permanent job

    oh God help me here, my contract expires end of november 2013 and i dont want to be a job searcher take me out of the situation…Amen

  11. permanent job

    my contract is expering this month,dear lord i beg you to grant me apermanent job.i have achild to look after whom his father neglected and bills and please God i beg for ajob .iam on my knees please help me God

  12. long term temp

    I have been temping for such a long time now. I am thankful that the Lord has given me job after job, seeing me through some very hard times. I freely admit I am tired, or going from one post to another, sitting at other peoples desks never being able to settle for any length of time, and hoping that the next job will turn permanent. Please my dear Lord, in your mercy hear and answer my prayer for a permanent job



  14. Prayer for a permanent position

    Dear Heavenly Father
    I come to you on this beautiful day, I pray for a permanent job. I’ve been on contracts for the past year’s but right now Lord responsibilities are piling up and I really need a permanent job so I can be able to pay all mydebts and school fees for my niece’s and take take of my parents. Lord I also pray for a permanent position for my boyfriend it’s been months he’s not working could you please open doors for us Lord. My brother included thank you Lord for your grace and love. We love you Lord, I pray this in the matchless name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  15. Permanent Job

    Dear Lord,

    Thank you for the job I have, but please move me away from here to a permanent job. I pray that the job you have in mind for me is one were the staff respects me and is amazed with the work I accomplish through your guidance.

    Thank you Lord for everything.

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