Prayer for a deceitful son

by Christabel ()

My adult son raised by me single-handedly. Was a good person till he married his wife who he barely knew & has changed his behaviour towards me. She has some issues that have never been addressed, I feel his behaviour is influenced by her. There are 3 young grandsons & they are the only reason I’ve stayed in touch as I’m the only grandparent. I’m in Canada they’re recently moved to the U.S for his job. She’s a homemaker. I took her into my house when she was single as she had problems living with her father & his third wife. At this time these 2 got involved. She’s always been envious of the closeness of my son & I, as he’s my only child & was a very good child & young man , until she arrived on the scene. I ve suspected always of her dabbling in the black arts as my son’s personality & behavior has changed drastically. She doesn’t get involved to try to calm the situations but rather enjoys it ! I’ve tried to be fair to her & stopped insulting each time there was a problem between my son & I . I’ve been Blessed with a very strong Spirit of Discernment & know in my heart she’s the cause of all the misery. He’s purchased a house in KY & invited me to live with them or build a tiny home on his property as I’ve planned, however it’s just come to light a tiny home cannot be built on his property per the area rules !! Earlier this week he visited Canada for his work & brought his oldest son (15) with him. Everything was fine till he chose to blatantly lie to me about something of importance, I became extremely angry as I thought I’d instilled good morals & principles in him. I’m also going through a very hard time where I live & may have to move, not knowing where I’ll go. He hasn’t been helpful at all towards me & despite knowing of all the grief I’m experiencing seems to not give a Damn ! He usually helps with very little money even though he earns an extremely good income. He has really upset me greatly this time & im planning to cut out of my life for good. Ive also felt that he’s a racist as I’m from India but of mixed heritage. I know the wife had racial hang ups. I’d like to go public with this issue as he’s disrespectful, rude, very selfish & greedy! I raised him with champagne taste’s unfortunately but he was a good son & I felt deserved the best. Instead of giving back now that I’m retired, older & struggling financially, he is condescending, stingy & egotistical. Claims to be baptized & talks about God, goes to church but his actions & bad behavior is not Godly!
I’m concerned for the 3 boys, especially the older one who accompanied him to Canada , as it’s a bad example for this boy to follow. Needless to say, he didn’t visit me as he told I’d stressed him out! The truth is he got caught in a lie & still tried to act the fool after I confronted him with his lie!
I’m fed up & played with the idea of driving up north where he’d gone off roading with his buddies, however decided not to, as I’m his mother & will not chase him down! His pathetic behavior is disgusting & now do NOT trust him or believe him ! He also will not tell me how much he earns as he said once , quote” mom I’m not telling you as then you’d say “ Paul you should be taking better care of me “!!’so he knows that what he’s doing is wrong & he should be helping more than he does! Basically ‘breadcrumbing’ me!! I feel he’s stressed sue his guilty conscience & perhaps his mixed ethnicity! His father was Greek & a bad choice for a husband! I come from an exceptionally good background & should’ve listened to my mother who asked me to wait for marriage as I was too young.
I’m m planning to write a book about this nightmare journey as I’m very very angry & hurt by his uncaring & ignorant rude behavior! I’ve been also not too keen to keep close touch recently but I couldn’t tell you why! I need prayer so does he. I’m trying to decide whether I should take this to his employer as he pretends to the outside world that he’s such a great person !!!
I don’t live in a great area & am in a bsmt apt ! I’ve never lived in a bsmt! I owned my own property that I raised him in situated in a upper class neighborhood of Toronto! He could easily help with supplementing my rent so I could live in a nicer area ! I’m sorry for writing so much but I wanted to give you the whole picture! I also suffer from depression & sometimes wonder whether he upsets me on purpose so maybe I’d end my life! This could be his wife’s idea ! My not moving under their roof even if for the winter, is I feel , a Blessing in disguise! Especially now that he also has purchased weapons for defence!!!
I need help & prayer as feeling very depressed & all alone!! He’s all the family I have & I believe he takes advantage!

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