Prayer for a coma patient

I would like to request a miracle prayer for my brother in law who is on coma now. Please pray that the blood clot in his brain will subside or dispel. I would like him to hear our prayers for him and he will have the will to live on strongly. I would to pray that he would revive and re.cover soon. Give him strenght and faith and restore his health soon. Thank you . Amen

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  1. Prayers Asked

    Please lift in Prayer my Uncle Gustavo Davila who’s in coma and only a miracle from our Lord can restore him complete.
    Thanks in Advance Blessings to all.

  2. Prayers for Denakpo

    My fiancee has fallen into comma after fibroids Surgery.l need your prayers please.

  3. Need a pray for my dear ma

    My dear ma been in a coma for 3 days. We need all the prayers we can get. Please Jesus Christ open u the sky. I put her in ur hand u will heal her and guide thru the hard time. U can bring back home to us and her family. Where she is love and appreciate. Please Jesus Christ in ur name may u heal here and let ma wake up. And return to this beautiful earth. Where is greatly miss. We love u ma and Jesus Christ

  4. My brother

    I would like a prayer for my brother he is 19 and in a coma we need a miracle to wake him up he have a life to live and he don’t deserve this please let him wake up father god please I won’t ask for nothing else please give him another chance at life in Jesus name I pray amen.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. My friends father

    Please pray for my friends father who is in a coma. She needs help. She’s falling apart. She’s a good person and so is he. They need all the love and prayers you can give. Please please pray for him and his family ❤

  6. Sister In coma

    I would like a prayer for my sister that’s been in a coma for 12 years, she has kidney stones right now and I hope to God they heal her 🙏🏽😔

  7. Miracle Prayer

    I would like you to pray for my friend who fell two stories and is in a stage 3 coma with a broken neck. He is showing small signs of improvement but we need a miracle to help him wake up and be able to fully heal. Please, please pray for him and his family.

  8. Prayer for Ismeal

    Please pray for Gods healing grace for Nancy’s (my sister-n law), brother who is in a coma and pray for the family to stay strong during this time and remember that God IS in control.

  9. Please Pray for my Childhood Freind

    Please pray for my 37 year old childhood freind who is in comma and brain is not responding. He has wife and 2 year old daughter and I am scared his family might make a decision to pull a plug. Please pray so he can wake up. Please

  10. Prayers for my friends son

    Please pray for my friends son, who has been in a coma since last week. Nothing has changed, he is non-responsive. Please pray for him and his family. He is her only Son, the only Grandson in their family. God please let him come out of this healthy, and please wrap your arms around Laurie and give her some peace.

  11. Healing Prayers Needed

    I need healing prayers for my aunt please. Her doctor gave her some medicine she was allergic to and he knew because it was in her chart. She had an allergic reaction that caused her throat to swell and she died but was brought back and now she’s in the hospital, unresponsive, on a ventilator for 3 weeks now. Doctors say they dont see her recovering but I think anything is possible with GOD on our side. Miracles happen! Please pray that she recovers quickly.. it would mean so much!

  12. Please pray for my aunt. I hope she wakes up soon. We miss her. In God's name Amen.

    Please pray for my aunt. I hope she wakes up soon. We miss her. In God’s name Amen.

  13. Prayer

    My boyfriend was in a horrible motorcycle accident and has been in a coma for 5 days. I would like to submit this prayer request to give him the strength to pull through. I believe the real doctor and the one that has the cure is the lord himself, and I know everything happens for a reason, and that I am suppose to leave it in his hands. Please help me pray for my boyfriends strength and for him to fight through the hurdle and be himself again.

  14. Please pray for my friend

    If anyone is reading this please pray for my friend who met in an accident. He is in a coma now and his condition is getting worse. I believe that the heavenly Father will protect him and bring him back to normal. Please help him out by keeping him in your prayer even if it is just for a fraction of a second . Thank you so much. Amen.

  15. Extended Prayer Needed

    My family is humbly asking for extension of your prayers for my younger cousin Kurt. He is 22 years old and we really need your prayers for his recovery. Please help.

    God Bless.

  16. Justin

    He was found in his car unconscious n he’s been in a coma since Thursday .doctors are giving up hope..they will test his brain activity to see. Please have him your prayers

  17. Pray for my love

    Please pray for my love . He met with accident when he went to meet his parent n talk about our marriage. May he get speedy recovery n back to normal . I see my future with him . He pray that he recovers n we have happy bliss married life with kids

  18. please pray for my friend

    Today 5 days have passed and he is still in coma. Please dear friends pray for him to our Lord Jesus for bringing him back to normal health. Thanks and Jesus bless you all

  19. prayer for all coma patient

    Our Heavenly Father: You know the needs that burden our hearts just now. You can give us strength equal to our stress. We need Your help and Your hope. We are grateful for Your love that will not let us go, and for those whose labors of love lift our spirits and lighten our loads. We ask You to work all things together for our good and Your glory, Father God. Have Your own way with our lives and our loved ones, O God. We trust our future into Your loving hands, through Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen
    We ask for your DIVINE MERCY oh lord for all coma patient.and also to their family who needs hope,i pray and trust in
    you.Your will is your will we trust in you lord
    amen in jesus name
    amen almighty god father.

  20. Pray for miracle

    Please pray for my father Basilio , he is currently
    in the ICU, He has been in coma because of lack of oxygen, by the healing power in the blood of Jesus we know that he will wake-up and recover fully and live to speak. Please pray for him to heal. God Bless!!!

  21. Prayer for my dad

    Dear God Almighty,
    I know you are listening to each one of our prayers. At this moment I pray for your healing hand and to restore health back into my dad. He has now been in coma for 2 days due to a severe blood infection, please wake him up. There’s a new grandchild he needs to meet. Dear god my family puts all their faith trust and hopes in your hands that he will wake up from this bad dream. Thank you God.

  22. Prayers for Sam

    Please pray for my partner who is currently in a coma in a different country to me. His name is Sam and he has been in a coma for a week now. I pray that God will heal him and use his powers to wake Sam up soon and give us the knowledge that he will recover fully and we will be able to continue on our lives with each other. I pray that he will be out of hospital soon and I will be able to hear his voice again. Amen

  23. Lord Jesus Christ please Wake up

    In the name of Jesus, please make my friend Gabby wake up from coma.
    She drowned this afternoon.
    She is a very good friend of mine and i love her.

    In Jesus name, in Jesus name, in Jesus name, GABBY M. will be saved.

  24. Pray for my best friend

    Please please pray for my best friend who is a diabetic she is extremely sick in hospital and in sedation and doctors are trying to wake her but she is slowly to respond to treatment pray she wakes soon for her family and friends including her 3 year old little girl I beg you all to pray for her. Thank you . Amen

  25. Prayer for Ricky Coleman

    Prayers for my cousin Ricky who is in a coma after struggling with addiction! We prayer for God and Ricky to choose either to stay or go! We need prayers for strength and more!

  26. Joe awake

    Please pray for my friend Joe he had a massive heart attack and now n a comma the doctors want his sis to pull the pug but refuses please let him wake up

  27. Prayers needed please help

    Please pray for my friends Girlfriend she tried to commit suicide and is now in a coma and the doctors fear she won’t get better please help me pray for her

  28. Arnold Peter Lucero wake up..

    Please pray for my friend, Arnold Peter Lucero and his family. He has been in a coma. Please pray for him to heal and awake. God Bless. Arnold Peter Lucero please wake up..your family, friends and your son is waiting for you. Please ask God to give you another chance to live. Wake up friend.

  29. Luis

    I would like to ask at this moment to please Pray for this 15 year old boy who was beat up and was place in a coma he’s only 15 he still has his whole life to live please pray for him his name is Luis

  30. Pray for miracle

    Please pray for my friend 38 years old whos been in come since his heart attack. Please pray for this young man who has too much to live for. Pray for him so he wakes up and recover.

  31. Jane's deliverance

    I am asking for prayer in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God for my sister Jane who is currently in a coma but by the healing power in the blood of Jesus we know that she will wake up within hours and recover fully and live to speak about the victory that was given up on her. Please pray with us Thank you

  32. Please pray for Uncle Alan

    My Uncle Alan is 49 years old and is in a coma. He is currently in the ICU. He went into the coma because of lack of oxygen/cardiac arrest. Please pray for him… my family needs him.

  33. Please pray for my friend

    Please pray for my friend, Paul Kalolo and his family. He has been in acoma for nearly three months. His body is shutting down, his kidneys as well. Please pray for him to heal and awake. God Bless!!!

  34. Wake up Bobbi our lovely friend

    Please pray for my bestfriend Bobbi Kristina that she wakes up in hospice. I know everyone thinks is the end but the God that resurrected Jarius will prevail in this situation. Thank you lord for answer prayers. You breathe right into Bobbi Kristina when she was in her mothers womb and so now you will do it again amen

  35. Miracle Prayer

    Our Father, I am asking for the soonest full recovery of my friend which is like a sister to me. May you put your holy hands upon her to heal her and may the grace of the Holy Spirit shine upon her. I ask this through the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

    Mary Mother of God, please pray for her.

  36. prayers for my brother Bobby who is in a coma

    Please pray for my brother Bobby who has been beat so bad by people with hammers, chair sticks , step on his head due to a 10 yr d who lied to his mom and said my brother hit him after police reviewed the vidio my brother never hit the boy the boy told cops he lied to his mom but her and all her friends went back and instead of talking they went nuts now my brother is in a 2 Mt coma and kids and adults are in jail on attempt murder charges please pray he will wake he deserves to live thanks and God bless Debbie

  37. miracle prayer

    I would like to request for a miracle prayer for my fiance who is now suffering from a coma that he would be strong enough to fight for life and give him another chance to live his life in normal way


    Dear brothers & sisters,
    My father has got a sudden attack in the heart with a heart failure. He has been unconscious in the ICU for three days.
    Prayers can do many things than we think. I beg you to pray for my father to feel the healing power of God. God bless you all.

  39. Prayer for my friend who is in Coma

    Lord I pray for my Friend Oupa who has been in Coma for 2 weeks. I have not have an opportunity to visit him since I heard yesterday. Lord help him to pull through. I pray for the Doctors who are treating him. I pray that he respond well and come home in Jesus Name

  40. Pray for my Uncle who is coma

    He has been struggling with heart problems and now is in coma . Please help me pray for him . That he wakes up and he heals . He has a family and want him to be alive . Please God hear our prayer . Help him wake up and heal him . Lord him him and his family

  41. My unbelievable 1st SON

    Having FAITH,HOPE,PATIENCE is an awesome combination just looking at those words put together keeps me STRONG…..MY. son has been clinically declared brain dead for a little over a week now he’s 29yrs old the doctor’s are telling me to just let him GO this is HURTING MY HEART to hear that I. Know we all have our day to GO HOME!!! My son is strong not just in size! He’s strong minded I know this……Almighty go to him continue with him that it may take time (PATIENCE!) for him to heal if that’s you’re Will My Father FAITH,HOPE is what I will always have My Father I know he’s laying there for reason! I also ask for Strengthening to prepare myself for what’s to come weather it’s that you to take him home or to start making appts for all types of therapy for him. Thank You

  42. Miracle prayer for Lala

    I would like to ask for a prayer for may dear friend Carmela who is in coma right now due to brain aneurysm. I hope that God will fully heal her and wake her up for the sake of her only daughter and the people who loves her dearly.

  43. Pray

    I would like to ask for prays for my friends dad, He was hit by a drunk driver and has been in a coma for two weeks. He is a firefighter and father to 8 kids most of which are minors. Their mom left them 9 years ago so they only have their dad please pray for his soul and to help him wake up. Thankyou & God bless.

  44. MairaMunoz

    Dear God, My family needs you in this hard times my mom had a stroke and is in coma her brain stem was very damaged and her right side of her body as well. Doctor said we have a few days to decide what we want to do doctor lost there hope. God please help ys during this difficult times. Please help my mom awake up. I know you are amazing in helping cure people please keep my mom Maira Munoz in your prayer.We hope she can have a fast recovery.


    I would like to pray for everyones. whos loved one is in coma or is really ill. My mom has had a stroke on Wednesday.I pray to god that she will awake up from coma her brain stem was very damaged and her right side of her body as well. Please god make everyone who’s going threw a hard time give them strength too heal.Please help the familys not lose hope because we all knoe you can do miracles in everyone’s lifes please keep my mother Maira Munoz in your prayers she is in a very circtial health issues .God bless you all that are going threw a hard time.

  46. Prayer Request

    I will like to request a prayer for my brother in law( Tunji) who is coma now. That the Almighty God will revive him and restore him completely , he will not die , but live to glorify the name of the Lord.

  47. Finance in Coma

    Please pray for finance in Coma. Need blood to flow in brain in Jesus NAME. Command he is healed through the Blood of Jesus!

  48. My Grandmother

    Please help me . My grandmother has been in a coma for 2 weeks . I pray for her to wake up . Please send us a prayer and pray for her to wake up. My family are very sad . Please help us and hear us out. We need your help and support

  49. Is there a God? My brother in a vegetative state

    I always believed in God, I wavered when he took my mother young. Now years later my brother is in Icu just turned 40 and is in a vegetative state. The doctors don’t think he’ll ever “wake up” We truly need a miracle from God. I ask you please please pray for Jerry. And I’m praying for faith..I’m having a really hard time. I don’t know if I can get through this hell myself. I think if he goes then I’ll go too. I’ve suffered more then enough this life, I’m filled with sorrow and pain. I can’t take it anymore. Please God Wake Jerry Up!!! He’s a good person who didn’t deserve this!!!

  50. Healing someone from a coma

    Dear lord Jesus Christ,
    I know you hear me praying to you, I need baby boy to wake up from a coma I have asked you,You and I both know that he has a bright future ahead of him, please protect him and touch him with your Holy Spirit. Don’t fail me again lord Jesus Christ I know you hear me and you always answer please wake baby boy up please amen

  51. healing for larry

    Dear lord
    please lord i need you right now I’m praying for larry watts yo awaken from a comma he has been in a comma for 8 months he have a daughter and a family that loves him dearly i will not give up on him father i need u please awaken him from this father

  52. Prayer request for my cousin Roger

    Today is 14 Jan 2019. My cousin Roger has been in a coma since 2 Jan 2019. Lord Jesus, I ask You to wake Roger from this coma. His wife, daughter and parents are anxiously awaiting for the first twitch of his fingers. Lord Jesus, go to Roger in Singapore’s TTS Hospital and wake him from this deep sleep. Lord Jesus, I pray that you will work a Miracle for this good man who is a good son, husband and father and I pray fervently that You will give him a second chance to live this life. Lord, please work a Miracle for him to wake up from the coma, and help him to fully recover from this health issue.

  53. Prayer

    Heavenly Father please Lord I command you to go into Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas NV to wake up my dad RG Williams out of his coma. Wake my dad up Right now Lord in Jesus mighty name, completely delivered, completely healed, completely restored and completely healthy, completely rejuvenated, completely heal dad motor skills, completely heal dad eyesight, completely heal dad brain, completely heal dad arms, completely heal dad legs, completely heal dad feets, completely heal dad soul, completely heal dad heart, completely heal dad internal and external organs right now Jesus! I thank you Jesus! These are many blessings I ask, receive, decree, and declare in thy son Jesus mighty name- Shouting Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah now and in advance Jesus! Amen Amen Amen

  54. Miracle and prayers for martinas mother

    Please we all need your prayers for martinas mother from svidnik , she is in coma today because of lung infection, pls pls we all asking mercy and ur prayers, Oh Dear God please heal her and please comfort and give hope ,courage and faith to her family.

    In the name of the Father, and of the Mother, and of the son and the of holy spirit amen.

    Our father who art in heaven ,hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our sins as we forgave those who tresspass against us, lead us not into the test but deliver us from evil , Amen.

    In the name of the father and of the mother and of the son and the holy spirit amen

  55. Healing prayer for my dear brother-in-law, William

    Dear Father God in heaven. I pray with my whole heart and mind. I ask for healing for my brother-in-law, William who has been in a coma for some weeks. God if it is your will, please help him to wake up with a healthy, and a functioning brain. I pray through you Son Jesus Christ who died and rose again for our sins. Thank you God for giving your Son Jesus for giving us the freedom we have on earth. I pray that you give William comfort. If You choose Lord to take him to your Kingdom in Heaven, so be it. We leave your dear child William in your loving hands. Bless William and his children, his brothers and sisters, and extended family. All this in Your most blessed name I pray.

  56. Miracle prayer

    Pray with me for the healing of my friend Jennifer Mendoza who is still unconscious from a recent car accident. May the Lord God restore her life! In the most Holy Name of God. I proclaim it! amen!

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