Prayer after attending a Job Interview

by TIM (UK)

Heavenly Father I pray that you grant me favour in the interview i attended today.

I understand they will also be interviewing several other candidates however Lord please intercede and grant me favour with the various people involved in the candidate selection process. May i be the selected Candidate to fill the vacancy .

Grant me the knowledge, Wisdom and understanding to work amicably with all my fellow employees at this new role and bless me with your favour so that i may add value to the department in countless ways when i join the new team.Make me the head and not the tail may my hands be diligent at all times so that i may rip the fruit of hard work in Jesus Name – Amen

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  1. Employment

    Father God, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview today. I thank you for helping me with the interview process. Father God, I pray that you will cover my interview folder with the blood of Jesus. May your light shine through the folder, and that they will grant favor to this folder. I may not have the best interview, but I know it’s sufficient enough for you Father God. I pray that I will receive a call with the job offer. Father God, you said ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall open. I ask that you please help me in getting this job. Forgive my sins God, don’t let my sins stand in the way of me getting the offer for the job. I love you Jesus, I thank you in advance for granting me this favor. Amen!

  2. South Texas Bone and Spine

    Lord i beg of you please help me to get the position i applied for at South Texas. Let them have a second opinion and give me a chance to use my skills and show them that I am made for this job. I want a NEW BEGINNING WHERE I CAN FEEL AT HOME. IM TIRED OF FEELING DOWN AND NOT WANTED OR LOOKED AT AS IF IM STUPID. IM TIRED OF HURTING LORD PLEASE HELP ME. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY. AMEN

  3. prayer for job after the interview

    Dear Lord.. I pray for The two Interviewers the they make me the successful candidate for T least one of the jobs out of the 3 interviews I t tend this past week. Please God. Let me be the chosen candidate finally. I JESUS name I pray. AMEN.

  4. Prayer to receive in job interview

    Lord Jesus help me today i made a job interview…pour your precious blood on my folder and the people who interviewed me today…bless them that they choose me the right candidate for this job…I pray that lord god see my demand

  5. Annonymous

    Dear God in the name of Jesus Christ I pray to you. Lord phrase grant me favor in this position that I have interviewed for at UP Orlando, please turn the heart of all board members that attended the third interview in my favor. Please Lord in you I trust that it is your will they will be done
    In the name of Jesus I pray . and

  6. Rono

    Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for the interview I attended today. Thank you for going ahead of me Lord. Thank you for being there in that room with me.
    Lord, I pray that you intervene for me so that I may find favor in the eyes of the interviewers. I pray that you may cover my files in the blood of Jesus. I know you have been there for me right from the start Lord. And I know you won’t leave me now. Open this door for me o Lord , that I may too have a testimony o God. Let your will prevail Lord, and guide the will of the interviewers. I pray this trusting and believing your holy and all powerful name , Jesus christ my Lord, Amen.

  7. Prayer for after the interview

    Dear Lord, I know that I’ve done many wrong things. I have broken many hearts. I have broken many promises. Lord I ask for forgiveness in all the wrong I’ve done. I try every day to be a better person and serve you. I also thank you Lord for all the wonderful things you’ve blessed me and my family with. I attended an interview yesterday and deep down know that I may have not said all the answers the panel wanted to hear, but am confident that with my skills and experience I would be a value add employee to the organisation. I plead with you to once again assist me in getting this job offer. What ever I have achieved thus far in everything is not because of my cleverness, it is because of your love for me. Please Lord bless me and my family and for all those that ask in your good name, be blessed. Thank you for what I have and thank you for continuing to bless me. Amen

  8. Update

    Thank you Lord I was called for an occupational assessment today for this Job opportunity, which means I went through the next step. I know that it is not because of my cleverness, but because of your love for me. Thank you Lord for everything you do for me and my family. Thank you for caring for me and my family. Please Lord give me power to serve you better each and every day. Please Lord help me be a good man and a better husband and a better father and a better brother. I pray and plead that the assessment goes well and I get the Job offer. Amen

  9. Thank you Lord of second chances

    Dear Lord. I pour out my heart to you. I am in need of the job. You opened an opportunity for a post. You selected my name for the interview amongst others. I thank you for that. you’ve made it possible for me to travel in hardships…
    Because of you I managed to be calm and be guided by you in preparations for the interview.
    Whilst awaiting decision Lord, I pray that you get to the hearts of the panel, open their minds and eyes to select me for the position. I trust that your will will be done in this situation and I trust in you answering my prayers.

  10. Awaiting job decision

    Dear Lord,

    I want to thank you for the opportunity I interviewed for on Tuesday. Stepping inside of the office to meeting the team was my ultimate dream Lord. I pray Lord that you put it on the interviewers and hiring manager’s hearts to choose me. I may not have had the best interview and I know there’s other candidates up for the position. But I ask you to uplift my application, put something on their hearts that they decide to pick me. That I would be able to receive that call tomorrow with a job offer and I can showcase my skills and be that amazing candidate that I know you have prepared me to be. I know if I were to receive the offer it will be in your name. I claim it in your name that I will make it to the next steps. That it’s never too late to tell the devil no and that he cannot psych me out. And in this time of waiting, lord you keep me calm, and fill me in your spirit. Teach me to wait on you Lord and remind me of what you have done for me. Don’t let the devil hinder my faith. Let me cast my worries on to you. Please lord, do not let my sins hinder my ability to get this position. I ask for forgiveness and I pray that you will keep your hands on my candicancy and make the decision to secure this position for me. I thank you for everything you have done for me thus far and my trust is in you. Amen.

  11. Prayer for Job offer

    Lord Jesus, as you have heard my many prayers for this opportunity, I finally interviewed for the position last week. As hard as it’s been with my own fears, doubts and insecurities , I know I have to trust you and wait on your timing! I pray over the hiring manager and anyone who is involved in the hiring process. I pray that you cover my file, my name and make me stand out over the other candidates. I pray they overlook my flaws and see that I’m a better fit than the others, Lord! I pray this opportunity is in your will Lord and if not I pray that something greater is in store!

  12. Waited a long time

    Dear God,
    First I want to thank you for all that you have given me. You have been my backbone through all of my difficulties. You have blessed me with so many things that i couldn’t have had if it weren’t for you. Please grant me this job opportunity. If this is job is not meant for me then please give me another opportunity just like this one somewhere else. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen!

  13. Trust in God.

    Dear Lord,
    I put my faith in you knowing that I did my best during the interview. I’m asking you Lord to seek favor in granting me the opportunity for this new position. Lord, you know that even though that I’m not perfect I pray to you Lord in asking for forgiveness. Lord, I pray that you put in the hearts of the interviewers an understanding that I will work hard and be an example for your will Lord. Lord I ask these things in your name.


  14. Prayer to get the job

    Dear Lord,
    I am asking for Favor. Lord, I need this new job. A fresh start a new beginning, because my current job has left me broken and discouraged. Please Lord allow these new doors to open.

  15. Prayer for a successful interview

    Dear Lord
    Please bless my daughter with a favorable outcome to her interview today. May the people who interviewed her see her qualifications and character and know she is the right candidate for the position.

    Bless her with this job Lord that she may prosper and live in happiness joy and peace, in Jesus’ name.


  16. Pls help me God

    Dear God,

    I thank you for the opportunity of attending a job interview today. You know my heart Lord. You know how much I want this job. Pls grant me favour. I believe and trust in you because you are more than able. With you, everything is possible. I place all my hope in you. May the interviewers overlook my imperfect answers and my incomplete exercise. May they see the potential in me. Cover my folder in your precious blood and touch the hearts of the interviewers. In Jesus mighty name I pray🙏🏼

  17. Help dear God

    May you pls grant me the job that I went to interview for it today. Let my folder be the only one that is seen. Cover it with the blood of Jesus and let me appointed on this job in the mighty name of Jesus. AMEN

  18. Your favor Lord

    Dear Lord, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed for this post. I know it can only be you that i was invited and i know i didnt give the best answers. I ask for your favor Lord, that I may stand out and be chosen for this job. You know my desperation Lord. Please Lord hear my cry and bless me.
    I pray all these in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

  19. Help me Lord

    I went through two jobs interview and stressful process of seminars, discussions, questions . I did my best with hope and grace. However, I know they are competitive positions, I really ask you Lord to help me to get either position, my family relies on me and I have been struggling and going through a lot of things, health problems, heart attack etc etc .
    You know my desperation. Give me patience and grace during this time of waiting the final decisions .
    you are the center of my life and I know what you are seeking for me. Amen

  20. Praying for a job

    Dear Lord
    Help me to get any of the job that I applied according to your will . I beg you with hope , faith and love for you and Virgen Mary . I have only one month of pay job right now and I’m the source of income more important in our household . My son is in college and really needs the fruits of my hands. I love you Jesus with all my heart !Amen

  21. Praying for job

    Thank you Lord for having had the opportunity to interview last week. I pray to be chosen.

  22. Please, let my son get the job he's interviewing for the very second

    Please Father God, I thank you for all you have given me, and I pray for my son to get the job he is interviewing for this very moment. Please grant him the wisdom and knowledge to present himself in the best possible way. You know my son, you created him in your image, and he has turned out to be a wonderful, kind and compassionate man. I pray that you will reward him with this job that he so needs in order to thrive. I thank you in the name of your holt Son, Jesus Christ. Amen

  23. Job interview.

    Dear lord, can you please pray for me I attend an interview. It be nice if they could offered me the job. Aman

  24. Job offer

    Dear Lord I thank you for the opportunity you gave me to attend an interview on Friday at KTDA. Lord I may not have showcased myself well in the interview but I know I did my best n Lord nothing can come against your will. Lord I seek your favor for the job offer n I want to decree n declare that the offer will be mine. I trust in you Lord n I know your WILL will be done!! I have been to various interviews but nothing came through but Lord I know you were preparing me for better things to come, this is my time, this is my year of UNSTOPPABLE CHANGE!! AMEN

  25. Job offer

    Lord, thank you for the opportunity of attending the interviews I attended last week. I’ve come to that moment where I await a call /email offering the job.
    I admit that it’s you who can help me get this job. The hearts of men are in your hands, including the hearts of my interviewers. Let your mercy, love and Favour speak for me.

    I need this job, and there’s no other person I can cry to but you. Please brood upon my interview answers, my demeanor, and how I am perceived by the interviewers. Help me be the preferred candidate for the job, in Jesus name, amen. Turn around my mistakes and lapses for good, amen.

  26. Prayer for Husband receiving a Job offer

    Dear Lord,

    I pray that my husband receive’s a job offer from SwRI after his interview with them yesterday. I know the position is already his and I pray that we find out soon. I know after all these interviews and months he has been unemployed that you have prepared him well for this position. Father, you always say ask and you shall receive. I am begging Lord that we have an actual shot at my husband being the best provider he can be.

    In your name I pray,


  27. Please assist me as you see fit

    I understand I’ve done awful amount of sins: not taking risks when they arise, not treating my parents courteously enough, not giving you enough space to make decisions and instead constantly think I make all decision, but as a transgender woman who, as you know, has all the capacity to succeed in investment banking and the life long determination to share my wealth with those who need it the most, I really need this investment banking analyst job. I promise you I will do my best to get out of my comfort zones in dealing with my OCD, regardless how uncomfortable it may feel. This way, the skills you implanted in me will get maximized, for the benefit of all whose life I intend to improve using my future wealth.

    I do not need much, not necessarily a man who loves me or excessive fame. All I want is to thrive on Wall Street, and consistently donate my wealth to the places needing it the most. I promise I will lead a very frugal life myself.

    Thank you lord.


  28. Please assist me as you see fit

    (Please help add this to the recent post with the same title)

    Lord, even if you cannot sway their decision, could you please at least let them get back to me tomorrow, hence I have the rest of today to finish a market research paper and hand it to them in person first thing tomorrow morning.

    Lord, thank you either way, for helping me get this far in the hiring process.


  29. success at interview

    Lord I thank you for the opportunity of this interview. Please Lord help me to be selected and to start work with this organisation. I need your help in gaining this job. I am so tired of applying for work I am tired of rejection I know I can do this job and I need you to convince the employer to hire me Please Lord hear me and help me. Amen

  30. Waiting for Interview results with demanded salary

    Dear Lord,

    I had attend an interview on last month and I got selected in the technical round. Interviewer told me ” HR will call back for salary negotiation” but I haven’t receive the call yet. It’s almost third week now. I am looking call from HR with requested salary because I want dependent pass to bring my wife and daughter. Please help me lord.

    Also, I am attending an interview tomorrow in reputed organization. I want to get this job with dependent salary. Please help me, God.

    Thank you, Lord ! Amen !

  31. Waiting for Interview results with demanded salary

    Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for many interview opportunities you sent my way. You said ask and you shall received. Knock and the doors shall open. So Lord, please grant me the opportunities to work in the job that i love and bless the people who involve in the hiring process, please let my documents shine through and let them pick me to fill in the vacancy. I have been through many rounds of interview since November 2022 till now is already 9th Jan but there is still no news from the HR. So Lord, I pray that this week they will give me the good news that i have been waiting for.

    I know you are with me and you know what i need before i ask. So lord, please give me peace to knows that you have given me the job so that i will have peace in my soul and be blessed to others. Thank you for your blessings and for always listen to my prayers. I love you Lord. I Pray in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, Amen!

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