Prayer after attending a Job Interview

by TIM (UK)

Heavenly Father I pray that you grant me favour in the interview i attended today.

I understand they will also be interviewing several other candidates however Lord please intercede and grant me favour with the various people involved in the candidate selection process. May i be the selected Candidate to fill the vacancy .

Grant me the knowledge, Wisdom and understanding to work amicably with all my fellow employees at this new role and bless me with your favour so that i may add value to the department in countless ways when i join the new team.Make me the head and not the tail may my hands be diligent at all times so that i may rip the fruit of hard work in Jesus Name – Amen

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  1. Employment

    Father God, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview today. I thank you for helping me with the interview process. Father God, I pray that you will cover my interview folder with the blood of Jesus. May your light shine through the folder, and that they will grant favor to this folder. I may not have the best interview, but I know it’s sufficient enough for you Father God. I pray that I will receive a call with the job offer. Father God, you said ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall open. I ask that you please help me in getting this job. Forgive my sins God, don’t let my sins stand in the way of me getting the offer for the job. I love you Jesus, I thank you in advance for granting me this favor. Amen!

  2. South Texas Bone and Spine

    Lord i beg of you please help me to get the position i applied for at South Texas. Let them have a second opinion and give me a chance to use my skills and show them that I am made for this job. I want a NEW BEGINNING WHERE I CAN FEEL AT HOME. IM TIRED OF FEELING DOWN AND NOT WANTED OR LOOKED AT AS IF IM STUPID. IM TIRED OF HURTING LORD PLEASE HELP ME. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY. AMEN

  3. prayer for job after the interview

    Dear Lord.. I pray for The two Interviewers the they make me the successful candidate for T least one of the jobs out of the 3 interviews I t tend this past week. Please God. Let me be the chosen candidate finally. I JESUS name I pray. AMEN.

  4. Prayer to receive in job interview

    Lord Jesus help me today i made a job interview…pour your precious blood on my folder and the people who interviewed me today…bless them that they choose me the right candidate for this job…I pray that lord god see my demand

  5. Annonymous

    Dear God in the name of Jesus Christ I pray to you. Lord phrase grant me favor in this position that I have interviewed for at UP Orlando, please turn the heart of all board members that attended the third interview in my favor. Please Lord in you I trust that it is your will they will be done
    In the name of Jesus I pray . and

  6. Rono

    Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for the interview I attended today. Thank you for going ahead of me Lord. Thank you for being there in that room with me.
    Lord, I pray that you intervene for me so that I may find favor in the eyes of the interviewers. I pray that you may cover my files in the blood of Jesus. I know you have been there for me right from the start Lord. And I know you won’t leave me now. Open this door for me o Lord , that I may too have a testimony o God. Let your will prevail Lord, and guide the will of the interviewers. I pray this trusting and believing your holy and all powerful name , Jesus christ my Lord, Amen.

  7. Prayer for after the interview

    Dear Lord, I know that I’ve done many wrong things. I have broken many hearts. I have broken many promises. Lord I ask for forgiveness in all the wrong I’ve done. I try every day to be a better person and serve you. I also thank you Lord for all the wonderful things you’ve blessed me and my family with. I attended an interview yesterday and deep down know that I may have not said all the answers the panel wanted to hear, but am confident that with my skills and experience I would be a value add employee to the organisation. I plead with you to once again assist me in getting this job offer. What ever I have achieved thus far in everything is not because of my cleverness, it is because of your love for me. Please Lord bless me and my family and for all those that ask in your good name, be blessed. Thank you for what I have and thank you for continuing to bless me. Amen

  8. Update

    Thank you Lord I was called for an occupational assessment today for this Job opportunity, which means I went through the next step. I know that it is not because of my cleverness, but because of your love for me. Thank you Lord for everything you do for me and my family. Thank you for caring for me and my family. Please Lord give me power to serve you better each and every day. Please Lord help me be a good man and a better husband and a better father and a better brother. I pray and plead that the assessment goes well and I get the Job offer. Amen

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