Pray for Cisco

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Please, please pray for Cisco. She is my Emotional Support Animal.
She is a pigeon. And is possibly egg bound and cannot pass it.
We are at the vet to find out what is wrong, and I am very afraid.
I have had her since day one.
Her Mother was my best friends bird. My best friend died in very traumatic circumstances on 1-1-20
We were best friends for 31 years.
Her Father was a bird who I rescued as a baby. From a neighbor.
My life has not been easy. I don’t have any family in my life except for calls from my mom and uncle once in awhile.
Believe me, I have tried to be closer to the other family members, but they just stay distant from me.
They are far away in another state. My Dad got custody and raised me.
I didn’t know my family, besides him, growing up.
He died 7-5-18.
After my Dad and my best friend died, the enemy has been attacking me non stop. I have felt pretty hopeless and worthless. Most of the people who I had in my life are either dead, moved, or walked away.
I have had Cisco through thick and thin. I believe that she has been the reason I have not done anything… Drastic
So we are at the vets office.
And she is getting xrayed
We think she is egg bound.
And it needs to safely come out. She really hasn’t been eating much. And struggles bending over to drink.
I pray that the vet can help her and that she will be ok.
Please pray for her.
Besides her and a few of my other pigeons, I only have Jesus who is my everything. My Lord, Savoir, Shepherd and Best Friend.
Beyond that, all I have is uncertainty and instability.
Please pray my precious little friend will be ok.
Thank You and God Bless you

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