Please pray for my children

by Needing Your Prayers (Illinois)

I have made a number of bad choices in my life, I have struggled keeping a job, I have not thought about how greatly I have impacted my children in such a negative way with all of the moving from town to town over the years. Lately I have done a lot of thinking and praying. I look at my children and feel so guilty and so bad because they were never able to stay anywhere long enough to make and maintain true friends. It is completely and entirely my fault. I feel like I have robbed them of a normal, and healthy childhood. Miraculously, both of them are very good (honor) students, and have never had as much as a detention in school, never in trouble at all. They have a tremendous mother, she and her closeness to the Lord our God shines so brightly through them both.

I have been on this job for a while now and my wife and I have rallied hard to pay off all debts and repaired our credit. We are trying to get a mortgage now on a modest home in a good neighborhood. This would be the first real “home” that our kids would ever have. I ask that you please pray for our mortgage loan to go through, so my kids can finally have a “home.” I am so committed to doing everything that I possibly can to make the last few years of their childhood stable, happy, memorable & the best. I want my kids to experience having a real home. Thank you in advance to all who have compassion for my children and pray for them. I believe in the power of prayer.

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