Please heal my daughter from Crohn’s disease

by Lori (Bennington VT USA)

Dear Lord, you are truly Devine and the maker of all things, please heal my daughter from this disease that plagues her every day. She is weak and tired and it hurts me to see her in so much pain everyday . She is young and full of promise, Lord. Please give her strength and heal her body so that she can live the happy life that you have waiting for her with her wonderful fianc .

Please bless Cara with your love and heal her from her Crohns.
This I pray…….

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  1. God Bless

    In Jesus Name I Pray that your daughter finds the strength from Jesus Christ within her to help her overcome this horrible disease. I pray that your faith never lack and to always be strong when it comes to this situation you happen to be under. Never forget, Jesus and God only gives those tough situations to His children He believes are strong enough to handle them! Your daughter is a warrior! Believe me God and Jesus Christ are going to heal your daughter! Through His Father God, Jesus was able to walk on water, heal blind, heal leprosy, and raise the dead!!!! So with that being said your daughter is under the UTMOST SWEET and loving hands, and no matter what God and Jesus has everything planned according to their will! So continue being strong and always thanking God and Jesus Christ for every single blessed day 🙂

    In Jesus Name I Pray

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