Please heal me Lord

by P.R. (Michigan)

I lost my beloved young husband in 2011. My life has been terrible ever since. We had no life insurance and I am jobless again. I will be losing my home to bankruptcy. have a mentally ill teen daughter who is very juvenile and might need me to take care of her for the rest of her life. I have severe arthritis or something going on with my legs, feet. I have no health insurance. We just need a break. I have submitted resumes and am not seeing many jobs that fit my skills. My unemployment is due to run out soon and we will not have ebought to live on. I am so frightened. Our families feel we should be doing better and hsve pretty much opted out of our lives. I feel paralyzed with fear…not knowing what is to become of us. Please ask the Lord to heal my legs so I can be more productive to work. I am not afraid of hard work. I am our sole support….it is up to me. Please lead me with the right good paying job Lord…..amen.

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