~People who are paid to support me undermining me instead.~

by Darla ()

My lemon and my rice were stolen from my room in my temporary homeless place probably by the staff! ~ the job centre people didn’t pass on the message that I am on holiday and my flat isn’t safe to a training provider ~ which is unpleasant of them and I have been stressed out because a mental health support worker was inserted into my life to glean information without my consent because the homeless support workers gave me no indication at all of her job role,and I am not mentally I’ll anyway,ie: no meds necessary nothing interfering from me with my daily activities. This also is a betrayal of my trust from a supposedly nice and kind homeless outreach worker who got me off the streets,but now it hurts me that he is offhand with me and I can’t really see him anyway because he is helping people who are still on the streets but I am temporarily accommodated. It’s like the people in the care systems want to grind me down. The Director of my previous temporary homeless place tried to bully me and manipulate me into having a test without my consent. They just get away with these things. Also,an NHS smear nurse twisted the speculum inside me during my examination in September 2022 (twice because a longer speculum was necessary) and I feel abused by this giving me more cause for complaint to the NHS. My flat isn’t safe to live in and I live on my own because my Landlord put me in a property with an insecure front door.I have had stalker problems and they know this.Because the support worker for this property won’t answer the question I have asked her 7 times of how to convert the high electric credit balance to hot water and shower I have had no hot water,or shower and the lights don’t work.Despite me telling my Landlord this they have not helped so I need somewhere new to live as well ~ so please counteract people not doing their jobs properly and trying to undermine me Lord Jesus.

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