Parent Growing Pains

by Darlene ()

I am asking prayer for my young adult son Travious, who is 20 years old and for me. I am having trouble letting him grow and go. He has a new 23 year old girl friend, and I worry about him and this new relationship. We have had this strong bond but now it seems like he doesn’t need me anymore. He says he wants his space, I understand but its hard to let him go. I have taught him to the best of my ability and he is a good son, but I don’t this new older girlfriend to be a bad influence on him. She already is causing his attitude and behavior to change. I pray for his safety and protection when he is away from home/me. Today, he is going to drive to Nashville for the 1st time taking her somewhere she wants to go eat. I worry he’s never driven that far from home before. I know I have to let him grow and go to live his life as a young man but it’s hard. So I am asking for prayer to deal with these growing pains I am feeling as he grows up. Although he does work and still live at home, he is responsible but letting go still scares me. I want to pray for his safety as he drives to Nashville today, and that I can continue to trust in God as we go through this transitional time in our lives. I want him to make good smart choices and decisions and to ask God for guidance even when he want ask or talk to me about certain things, that he encounters in his daily life. Pray that this young lady will be a positive influence on him and not out for selfish gains. I just have a range of so many feelings and emotions as my son grows into manhood. I just feel like he doesn’t need me or value my opinions anymore and I only have his best interest at heart. In the name of Jesus Amen. Thank you for praying for Us.

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