Need to hear from God

by Alicia ()

Just lost my grandson to a hanging. His girlfriend saids he hung himself. The police say it looks like foul play. The corner saids, it may have been foul play, not sure. He left 2 small children and a adopted child. They are with his girlfriend who has mental issues, and had been in drugs, loves the wild life. My daughter, his mother is davastaded, and I am too. He was only 30 yrs old. This was her youngest. I feel guilty because he had call me to come and spend a couple of days with me to think things out. I said no,because every time he called all he wanted was money, and he had been in prison for 7 yrs. and was getting himself into trouble all the time. Also the girl he was with never let him be. Wherever he stayed she found out and went to get him. I told him I did not want trouble in my home nor in neighborhood. He did know the lord while he was In prison, but when he came out, he just followed this girl. I need to hear from God cause I was always praying for him and his parents. I now feel that this is an injustice and want to know if he made it to heaven. Have been praying for my whole family for yrs. my husband who was unfaithful to our family and is still lusting, my mother who now haa cancer, my healing of spine, and breathing since a child. Don’t see answers. Help!!

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