My sons safe return ASAP

by C ()

My sons dad a cop Sargent crooked evil corrupt cop took my son out of revenge because I will not be with him because he is evil double minded and is a drunk sells drugs for men impotence and he has nvr been a father has choked him drunk left him alone in a Uber at 3am and made him drive because dad was too drunk and and has called him gay in world terms n other names has made him buy alcohol for him and has left him at my moms alone at age 5y so my son go gets on a riding lawnmower alone. My son is now doing more drugs with possibly dads niece because dad allows it and dad give him drugs alcohol as well and other brother pot. Dad threatens me that I better give them child support card calling using my social security that dad took out of my home after I allowed him trusted him in my home. Dad has demons n I stomp them n command the to go out my son Lord return my son safe home he has school here n programs and counseling and programs for college please pray my son will return by this weekend no later n dad be removed n shut dow Amen

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