My relationship with my girlfriend to be an awesome miracle!

by Chris ()

Please pray for my girlfriend Kristen, and me (Chris).

Kristen has major depression, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar, panic disorder, autism, and alexithymia. She seems to struggle with covert narcissism too, and I am undoubtedly sure she is oppressed by the enemy.

Her drug addict mother abandoned her. So did her father. Her loving step-dad is ill and in another country with her brothers. Her grand-dad, who is her best friend, died. She misses her family. She was left home alone and almost burnt to death in her house as a child. She was raped. She was mentally abused and rejected during her entire dancing career. Her ex-husband cheated on her with multiple women… Her unapproving grandmother who raised her, tries to influence her, sometimes badly. She developed psychological issues because of her history. She has multiple growths in her breasts, abnormal kidneys, regular bladder infections, IBS, and difficulties surrounding her ovaries and uterus. I love my girlfriend.

Our relationship is in a rocky place because she moved away to go process her thoughts and finalize her divorce, because all of this is affecting our happiness, making our relationship toxic. She loves me. She wants this to work and is trying her best. She sees two regular psychologists, takes meds, remains active in therapy practice and activities, and she is open to the bible (no one ever taught her or even introduced her like I do)… BUT she has now decided to do her healing on her own because she feels it is breaking us apart. She can’t describe her feelings on any topic – due to autism (alexithymia), and I misunderstood it, thinking she cheated on me. Her problems costed her a demotion and a 25% salary reduction at her NEW workplace.

Both of us would like her to be healed and free from all these conditions. For God to make her heart, mind and body whole, and for God to renew her and live inside her, and shine through her life.

I need healing too, which both of us want, from extremely low energy and muscle weakness and memory loss… For sexual health and fitness to improve, and for me to be more confident and assertive, and to not lose my original character, or to ever leave things unsaid, when things get difficult. My work, financial, physical health, mental health, and relationship challenges are 5 indiscribable giants to be up against, but I am also actively working on all of them.


Please pray for both of us to heal, to gain strength, for God to overcome these giants quickly, and for God to seal the bond between us so that our relationship lasts in true love until only death do us part, with God at the center, and that our relationship will be even more beautiful and intimate and fun and amazing and filled with doing everything together, as it was in the beginning, and that we remain totally faithful and trustworthy toward each other, and toward God.

Pray that God restores our vitality, my virility, and her favourite feminine qualities to us, and that love and respect are the core of our relationship, even better than it used to be. That we are always present with each other, every moment. That we make memories and cherish them together! Please pray that God restore both of us like He restored Job and so many others in the bible, to double than before. That our relationship is protected, blessed, happy, and peaceful.

That we never give up on each other, and that we never put anyone else but God above our relationship. That the enemy stops his attack and flees. Pray that our family and friend-circles are blessed and will intertwine and that no one ever comes between us.

That we never break trust with each other or ever suffer unfaithfulness toward each other. That God revives our hobbies and desires and our drive to reach our individual goals and our team goals. That God is always present, and that we don’t live in secret or in fear of what others think or say, regardless of financial status or anything else.

That communication between us improves, and that our relationships between our circles catch good Holy Spirit fire. That we get married and have blessed Godly kids. That we always know what to do in every situation. Pray that we are always honest with each other, and that we have hearts and minds that are ready and quick to forgive.

Let God renew our minds and hearts, and free us from all psychological, astrological, generational, crystal, religious, and all other curses, and that Jesus takes its place and fills us until we overflow. Let us continue to make each other happy with the excitement and love we have for each other, and help us to always give our best for each other.

I believe that God sent me my angel. And I believe that God wants us to be in this loving soulmate relationship forever, and that He didn’t just use us to learn something from each other in order to be prepared for some other relationship, but that He intends for us to be together forever, because God is a covenant-God. I believe this. And I believe that with Jesus, there is freedom and healing and everlasting life, and that He intends good for us, and that all things are possible with God. I also believe the God loves her with His whole heart, and that He loves me this much too, and that He cares about us both deeply.

Let God use this time in our relationship as a testimony to unconditional love, the greatest miracle that lead to healing. And pray with me that each of us know, and execute our roles in this relationship as God intends, eagerly every moment, without manipulation, negotiation, or hesitation, being ready ALWAYS, and always while considering each other. And that our individual characters will be firmly founded on Jesus. Forever. Pray that we are totally happy, healthy, successful, and safe, and that we NEVER neglect God who makes everything possible. Thank you! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Please help me with some bible verses too?

Pastor, please help me with a plan of action?

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