My daughters

by Monique ()

Please pray with me that the blinders that has been placed in my daughters eyes by the guys they are dating. These young men do not like to work or do anything but play video games all day. I keep trying to tell me daughters that it is very unhealthy for a guy to want to be around them all day without having goals and ambitions of their own. My youngest daughter has dropped out of college for this guy and my heart is so heavy with this decision that I’ve cried myself to sleep many nights worried about her future. I tried not to harp on the situation and I pray in silence because I almost lost my eldest daughter to a relationship because the more I told her about how unhealthy the relationship was she would pull away and I’m afraid the same is starting to happen with my youngest daughter. They are good living girls but they are attracted to young men that have come from broken homes. They think they can fix them but are being broken in the process. They are not progressing with them around and it’s really painful to watch. My daughters are good hearted young ladies with big hearts and I’m afraid the young men are manipulating and taking advantage of their inability to be mean and their kindness. Please pray that the veil of deceit is lifte so that my daughters can see these young men true intentions so that they can removed them from their lives and so that they can get back to being healthy thriving productive young ladies.

Thank you,

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