My children and I’s safety, protection and freedom from extremely toxic, abusive home environment.

by Kimberly ()

To God be all the glory. Please help me pray for a way out within a month or less for my children and I from their grandparents toxic, abusive, unsafe home environment that they have trapped us in. They don’t want me here and the only reason I am is to be with my boys as much as possible. It’s very serious. My parents, my two boys grand parents, have caused my first born special needs areas from the time he was born. They still try to make it worse on him. They’ve always hated me and they take it out on my kids now. My 3 month old and 9 yr old. There’s so many lies and deception they create to everyone around us. I am working full time but still in financial hardships and I don’t know how to get a place for us and I’m waiting to find out all the rules for temporary guardianship that my parents have wrongfully not removed and give me back my precious boys. I need the Lords strength, protection guidance and for Him to send me to someone or someone to me that can help us. I have no one now. We have no one to help us out of this crucial, detrimental and serious situation or even help show us a way out. I’ve prayed for years now for my parents salvation, deliverance and etc. but they don’t want it! I keep praying for them even through the serious hurt they’ve put my kids and I through which is very difficult. I am desperate for Jesus Christ to miraculously intervene for my children and I to have our own home far far away from here where I can give my boys the education they need want and deserve, a home church full of the truth, love and support. Our own safe happy peaceful loving home the three of us desperately want!! There are demonic forces my parents allow in their home that are trying to cause suicide for my 9 yr. old just like it tried to do to me when I was a young girl. They let my grandparents suffer in a nursing home while they’re took my grandparents financial stability through CD’s that they needed to be used for their health to get better and my grandpa was flat out ignored when he would tell his symptoms to his only daughter my mom. He needed help getting to the right doctor for help but he didn’t have any help with his wife who had Alzheimer’s and him having to work to keep them alive!! I wish I could go in depth about what my children have been through all their lives now. It would absolutely blow your minds and break your hearts but I’ve already wrote a very lengthy prayer request/explanation without horrible details. Once again, we are desperate to figure out a way out of here and fast. It’s only gotten worse. I’ve tried finding help for so long now. Nobody really wants to help or shed the light on what I can do for us.Thank you for your time and most of all your prayers. May God mightily bless everyone that helps me cry out and travail through praying for our immediate way of escape and the right help we need through the justice and court system and/or so much more!!!!

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