My 3 Littles ♡

by Marie ()

Please I need prayers for assistance to help get my grandaughters to be placed under our care in our home after cps took them from my daughter for abuse we promised them if they were brave and told the truth we would help keep them safe and everything would be ok but my daughter was very angry and blindsided for us contacting law enforcement and would not allow it they were placed elsewhere my heart is so heavy and I feel physically sick as I feel like I failed them although we did the right thing I am  now having to fight to get them  and my daughter instructed their caregiver to not allow them any contact with
with us which is so unfair we did nothing wrong we were their safe place the ones who got them help we did the right thing ! Father as I cry out to you Lord I beg you undue the knots preventing this Allow them and us to be reunited I adore them and I know they miss us as much as we miss and need them their scared  little minds, bodies and hearts need to be at peace and us all heal from this trauma together here safe in our care  We will continue to honor and believe your word that you will never forsake your children in need as we were doing by your will of intervening to protect those 3 innocent children now WE need your interssion on our behalf I am hearbroken as I dont understand how the person

who inflicted emotional and physical injuries can make the decision of their placement and have them taken from us out of spite  she knows were the most loving involved grandparents and have been their whole lives thats why they confidend in us this is just so wrong the good people should not be punished!!!  In Jesus name I pray for your assistance as you know the truth and can provide us the miracle we need at this moment to reverse their placement. Please hear my pleas Lord please!

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