Miracle prayer for a baby boy

I am pregnant and ever since a child I have longed for 2 baby boys. I have dreamt and wished for this my whole life. I have an elder son and my prayer is for the baby growing in my womb to be a boy. My Lord can see my heart and all the truth in it.

He knows how deeply this is in me and how I long for it. How I have threaded my dreams for my chikdrenHow I have longed when I see sibling boys together. In the matchless name of Jesus I pray and beg for this request to be granted to me.

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  1. Bless me with a healthy baby boy

    Lord, Jesus! I come before you to ask for the special blessings from you. I’ m pregnant and I want the baby in my womb to be a healthy baby boy. Please hear my prayer and grant my wish lord Jesus. I have longed for a baby boy ever since I had my elder daughter. By your grace, I have got a beautiful daughter who is 4 years old now. I want my family to be complete with a baby boy now. Please make my wish come true.
    Praise you Lord Jesus
    Thank you Lord Jesus

  2. conceive

    God help me to conceive a baby boy I have 3 girl’s please grant me this child that I ask from you.

  3. Praying for a baby boy

    Please God you know how I longed to have. Please show your miracles to me and give me a healthy baby boy. Thank you lord.

  4. Prayer for a baby boy

    Dear Lord,
    I want to thank you for all the blessings in my life, as there is still something missing in my life and that is a baby boy. I am pregnant for the 4th time and I pray that u will,give me,this miracle healthy baby boy after 3 girls Lord. I pray you cleanse me and grant me this one wish. I pray you will hear my heart cry out for my first son, I pray onto you Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!

  5. Prayer for baby boy

    Lord Jesus your wonderful gracious one. I have son who is cerebral palsic I accepted what you have gave me. Thanks for blessing I’m blessed with beautiful girl. She is 4yr old. Now I’m pregnant again please bless me this time a health baby boy. Please make my wish to come true.. love u Jesus.


    Ekwueme(the God that speak and does) the miracle worker I thank you for the 3 beautiful daughters u have blessed me with I give you all the praise, father Lord am pregnant again Lord Bless me with a healthy baby boy this time Lord I ask for the blessing of healthy baby boys this year God grant me my heart desire and I promise to dedicate my baby boy in church and promise to bring a goat for Thanksgiving..for a healthy baby boy I pray true Christ our Lord Amen…

  7. Oh Lord I need a baby

    Oh Lord Jesus, you know my heart. I desire to have a baby of my own. I thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed on me. Perfect live, love, home, loving husband and other beautiful things in my life. But lord your word says in proverbs 30:16 a barren womb is never satisfied. I long to cuddle a baby of my own in my arms long. In Exodus 23:26 your word says non will be barren or miscarriage in the land and the number of our days you will fulfill. Father, I stand on your today knowing that what you said you will do you will do for you are no respecter of persons. What you did for Sarah, for Hannah, for Rebecca, for Elizabeth and others you will do for me. Lord hasten your word to perform it. I trust and believe in you Lord
    In Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen🙏

  8. Both 45 years. In need for baby boy

    Me and my husband of 16th year of marriage…With no childrens.. We are so in need to have a healthy baby boy… To let us conceived very soon to make our family completed… Anything is impossibly when we have GOD in our lives… my husband would be an awesomeness father towards his baby.. please let it happen to us… Desperate for our child to call us mommy and daddy😊.. it would be a blessing for us… thank you and God bless..


    oh GOD,who knows our heart,pls fulfill all my heart desires…i really need a healthy baby boy and i have faith it shall come true in JESUS NAME AMEN

  10. Lord I long for a boy...

    Dear Lord Jesus,

    Thank you for everything that you have blessed me with in my life. My husband, my two girls and my wonderful boy. I am pregnant with my 4th and my heart longs for a brother for my son. Please grant me a son and I pray that he will live his life following your footsteps along with his brother and sisters.

    Lord, please also grant all these people the desires of their hearts, to have a healthy and beautiful baby boy, weather it be to add, complete or start their families. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY, AMEN.

  11. Baby boy

    Lord I am pregnant for the third time and we would love if you blessed us with a baby boy. I have longed to have a baby boy and I am blessed with two beautiful strong girls and they would love a baby brother. Thank you for giving us life.

  12. Bless me with a baby boy

    Jesus thanking you for all your precious gifts. Bless me with a healthy baby boy..

  13. Baby boy

    Dear Lord bless me with a baby boy. I’m ready to be a father. I give myself and family to you. Thank you for giving me this

  14. Praying for a baby boy

    Thank you Lord for the blessing of my 2 beautiful girls. I am pregnant for my 3rd baby, have been told it’s a girl from my 19 weeks scan but still praying for a Miracle of a baby boy. Please Lord, grant this miracle I pray. Amen

  15. Praying for a baby boy

    Heavenly Father. Although I was told today that the baby looks like a girl I still faith and I believe You will turn things around and bless us with a miracle baby boy that will complete my family of two existing beautiful daughters. Heavenly Father I believe when I go back to my 2nd scan I will be told that it’s a baby boy. I declare and decree this in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!

  16. Praying for a healthy baby boy

    Dear Lord, Im pregnant and I pray for a healthy baby boy. Im grateful for all the blessings you have bestowed to me. Thankful for my beautiful baby girl.As we are increasing the family, can you please give a baby boy

  17. Pray for a baby boy

    Dear God

    I pregnant again and please let this baby be a healthy baby boy to complete my family. Please God, please answer my pray. Amen

  18. Praying for baby boy

    Anonymous what did you have then?
    Boy or girl??
    Who else is blessed with the baby boy?😊

  19. Praying for baby boy

    Dear Jesus,

    Lord Jesus Thank you so much for blessing me and my husband with gift of this womb lord. We are very thankful to you. Lord I beg you and fall unto your feet ask that this womb inside me is a boy even though during our first scan we were told that it looks like a Girl. Lord I trust you and have faith in you will do miracle when we go for our second scan and will be told that it’s a boy father. In Jesus name I declare and decree that baby inside my womb is a boy father. Thank you Jesus!! Amen

  20. Praying for a baby boy

    Lord thank you for my two daughters but this time i really do want a baby boy. I have a high faith in you and i know that you will blessed me and make my dream came true.


  21. Please Jesus

    This is my first pregnancy so I know I shouldn’t be picky. But in my heart of hearts I long for a baby boy. As you know, I never had a strong relationship with my mother, so I’m not sure how I would handle having a daughter. Please in Jesus name find me worthy to have a healthy baby boy. In Jesus’s name. Amen

  22. Prayer for a baby boy

    Lord Jesus I come to You as I am Father I am 18weeks pregnant and I asking for a baby boy.On my last scan they said it’s a girl but I believe that inside my womb You’ve planted the seed of a boy that will complete the happiness of my heart and of the this family You’ve blessed me with. Lord Jesus please hear my heart.Lord my older daughter always confess that You’re going to give her a baby brother this time. You said in the bible that You hear and love kids more than us please hear us Lord… I am asking all this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  23. Prayer for a healthy pregnancy of a son

    I have done horrible things, God please forgive me for my sins. Today I come before you with a pleading heart. By your grace lord I have 3 healthy baby girls .I am Praying that you bless me with a son and a healthy pregnancy .I know I dont deserve your mercy but I am asking you as my father. Wipe away the comments of my family and inlaws saying I will only give birth to girls . At some point even know I believed them. Please allow me to carry a son .The brother to my girls .I already have a name for Him. You know my heart.
    Your Daughter

  24. Miracle prayer for a baby boy

    Dear lord thank you for the 2nd pregnancy. I come to you with my whole pleading unto you to bless me with a baby boy. Am longing to have a baby boy this time. You said we should ask and we shall be given. Thank you almighty. Amen

  25. Disappointed!

    I have two beautiful girls , I am pregnant for the third time and its another girl.
    I am so disappointed, I prayed so hard for a son.
    I am hoping for a miracle.

  26. Twin health baby boys

    Dear my LORD JESUS CHRIST thank you for blessing me with a baby girl who is now 3and 4 months. My dream from childhood is to have 4 children, two girl and two boys. Father l pray you grant me two twin brothers in the mighty power of our Jesus Christ.

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