Before sunday school

Dear God, thank you for a new day! Today is Sunday; another day for church services all day. Thank you for my father. I pray his faith to reurn to him. I know he has salvation through your blood, but the seed fell by the wayside as with me in the beginning. Now that I’ve … Continue reading “Before sunday school”


Me and my sisters have always had a difficult time seeing eachother and talking too eachother but we didn’t want to be seperated and we wanted to live together but over time I got a job then their house burned down and they might have moved over 100 miles away and obviously since we didn’t … Continue reading “Seperation”

forgive and forget

I ask that my husband is able to forgive and forget the hurt he encountered as he says I had destroyed his reputation with his friends. He always thinks he is never wrong. Any advice, he takes as a criticism. He blames me for the faults he had made. With a narcissistic character, he had … Continue reading “forgive and forget”


Prayers for enlightenment for my narcissistic husband so he can come to his right reasoning to come back to our home and establish a good bond and relationship with his family. His ego and pride and love of lust is causing all the difficulties in our marriage. He keeps on putting the blame of his … Continue reading “enlightenment”

Jack o lanterns

For me and the girl with glasses and red hair i ran into today at walmart, for us to be blessed to become as close as half brother and sister and do jack o lantern stuff and be able to become and be best friends asap supernaturally and the same for me and the other … Continue reading “Jack o lanterns”

Regret and fear

Our father who is in Heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Adani, lord God Almighty, El Shaddai Emanuel Jehovah Yeshua, your name is most holy and worthy to be praised the great and powerful I AM, thank you for saving me from … Continue reading “Regret and fear”

Bless us

Crystals daughter and I need more time and space to be together so we can have the same kind of intimacy as Isabella & Manuel our living arrangements need to be lined up so we have more space and time and for my relationships with them to thrive especially in regard to our salvation and … Continue reading “Bless us”

God’s Angels

Dear God, I have meetings to to Chair and ask for Your Angels to wrap me in their wings and guide me through, while dealing with some difficult people. I praise You for having put them in my everyday life to see me through difficult and joyous times. Please help me show compassion and understanding … Continue reading “God’s Angels”

May me and my two older sisters and my brother get married this year, may my weddings be this year

My name is RASOAMANARIVO FARA JEMIMA, I am 38 years old, I am a Malagasy woman, I live at the following address Lot III i 25 SOANIERANA Ankadimbahoaka, rue tsiampody Tananarive 101 Madagascar. Pray that I will get married this year at the latest in six months. Pray that I find the man of my … Continue reading “May me and my two older sisters and my brother get married this year, may my weddings be this year”

Doctors appointment

Please pray for the new Qualified medical examiner Dr Frieders to be in my favor. He will determine in my worker’s compensation case if he agrees with my current doctors or recommends something else. He also determines what percent of disability I will get in my future. So please pray that this doctor’s sees that … Continue reading “Doctors appointment”

Urgent prayers

Dear sir I have been trying hard to have appointment with prime minister but could not . Like a dog I have been contacting but no results. Please sir pray for me so that I may sooner get appointment with prime minister in India. Plz sir I m really tired please pray for me . … Continue reading “Urgent prayers”

Healing QM

I have an appointment with a qualified medical examiner the worker’s compensation company made for me on 1-21-21 at 9:00 am. This doctor will give me a second opinion and determine what more medical help I will need. Also the percentage of my total disability. I want to heal 100% and I’m only 30% at … Continue reading “Healing QM”

Deliver us from Babylon

Pray that Trump and all his legislation will go through throughout the entire government and Biden will be eliminated in someway in the Lords choosing from taking the White House. Pray that everyone will receive their second round of the stimulus checks and continue to help those struggling with money in some way even afterwards … Continue reading “Deliver us from Babylon”

Family Meeting

Praying for our 1st family meeting. Gods guidance & wisdom. We can come together in agreement. We would like to grow and get to know each other much better &enjoy one another. What we should discuss at the meetings. How to solve problems in Love. We will listen,hear,respect & support one another. Thanks for praying, … Continue reading “Family Meeting”

Deliver us from Babylon

Pray all around the world God, His angels, and His people will take control of prosperity, wealth, money, protection, peace, power, happiness, health, immunity, abundance, body chemistry, traumas, toxic behaviors, judgements, restoration, long life, wisdom, knowledge, karma, law, justice, success, luck, chance, addictions, gambling, debts, education, rejection, poverty & lack, hunger, safety, shelter, government, communism, … Continue reading “Deliver us from Babylon”


I have removed a senior staff because of gross poor performance and misconduct. Now there is meeting to discuss the issues. I request for prayers for my help. Please Lord protect me from evil designs and sinful acts. I need your help to grow my work with modality and justice. Please give our daily bread. … Continue reading “Protection”

Deliver us from Babylon

Pray that all those who are tired, lost, lonely, heartbroken, sick, addicted, hungry, homeless, cold, mental ill, scared, worried, any other negative feeling/action/lifestyle will turn every issue/problem/dillema over to God, go to bed tonight, get some sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow well rested, refreshed, happy, healthy, cleansed, joyful, sober, with eating ears seeing eyes … Continue reading “Deliver us from Babylon”

Growth and Revival

I am believing God for a building for the ministry by September 2021 for the ministry as the outpouring of revival is in our midst. We want a daily prayer room open to the public We want a building that will accommodate training (several classrooms & a lab) Commercial Kitchen Praise team (with people skilled … Continue reading “Growth and Revival”

Happiness and love

Please let my son Chris find a good person with true love for both him and my granddaughter Elizabeth Someone with a kind and gentle ways and helps him through to see the good things that life has to offer I pray every day that he stays away from Melissa goslin Wright his ex wife … Continue reading “Happiness and love”

Help me and my sisters

God move powerfully in this situation and fully expose Glenda completely for the monster she has been in my sisters lives and mine and completely cause her to be pinned by her own abusive behaviors so it can no longer affect me Forest, Autumn and Paige and cause us to be propelled into the freedom … Continue reading “Help me and my sisters”

Help Steve be free

God cause a whirlwind and rush into my father Steve’s situation so that he is propelled into your glory and the freedom he has been seeking uplift him and carry him and meet his needs on his travels so that he doesn’t suffer but experiences the grace you truly give in Jesus name Amen

Help Steve be free

God cause a whirlwind and rush into my father Steve’s situation so that he is propelled into your glory and the freedom he has been seeking uplift him and carry him and meet his needs on his travels so that he doesn’t suffer but experiences the grace you truly give in Jesus name Amen

Marriage healing

Dear Father, please heal my broken heart. Cleanse it from all unforgiveness of my husband’s abuse. Fill my heart with a new love for him. Show me his positive attributes so I can focus on them. Help him to be the stand up man you created. Show him how to truly love himself and me. … Continue reading “Marriage healing”


Nekada Antiohija bijaše lovište na glasu i nadaleko čuveno i izvan drevne carevine Konstantinove. Pošao sam za legendom. Davno, vrlo davno, lovio je ovom čamom, na putu za Jerusalim, Konstantin, car i svedržac vizantijski i potonji svetitelj hrišćanski. Mlada gazela odvela ga je jedanput preko sedam dolina i preko sedam bregova i na posljednjem, sedmom, … Continue reading “FAMILYHEALING”

Positive Outcome

Dear Lord, On Tuesday my son and his wife will be appearing in court to do their division of assets —please dear Lord , from the bottom on my heart, I ask that you surround my son with your love and protection —-keep the process fair and just —please keep his pension and investment asessts … Continue reading “Positive Outcome”


Dear FATHER God in Jesus name give me wisdom ,strength,knowledge and sound mind on 17 th AUGUST when is child protection conference and i meet police,social workers,school teachers and other professionals .Please take care of this conference and me. In the same day is court case for my husband who has done bad thing ,but … Continue reading “Family”

Help and love

will you pray that God will send me love that God will open doors for me the guy was in the Hispanic wife that God will bless me financially God will deal with those who have done me wrong and that tomorrow will be a great day for me that I will get to see … Continue reading “Help and love”


Join me in praying that my upcoming hearing that GOD will provide and prevail. That he will protect me from the enemy and they will not be able to slander or destroy me nor will they be able to lie in this hearing . Pray that it gets settled in a fair and just way. … Continue reading “Perseverance”

God give me strength

God i need your help in making right decisions and tough conversations with my team members during performance management. I feel lack of confidence and fear making me feel weak. Also, my career is going down due to politics in office. Please give me strength during these tough times. Give me the strength to be … Continue reading “God give me strength”


i meet this boy friday afternoon he did flirt with me but didnt ask for my number maybe because my mom was there i saw that sadness on his face when i was going so im planing to go back to see him just in case . then i wanna pray andi want you guys … Continue reading “Love”

Family Reconciliation

With a grateful heart, Father, I beseech you to heal the all the broken places in the hearts of my sons, Stephen, Andrew and Joseph. I pray for the softening of the stony parts of their hearts. Give them hearts full of forgiveness toward one another, and reconciliation with you and each other. Give them … Continue reading “Family Reconciliation”


Lord, please protect from vicious attacks on our character, integrity and leadership. Let my speech be seasoned with salt that I may know how to answer with Grace, clarity and poise. That no weapon formed against me shall prosper. That the peace of God abides dwells wherever, and everywhere I go. That I receive a … Continue reading “Protection”


I pray for guidance on whether I should join the military. That I meet a recruiter who I trust and can guide me through the process. I pray that my boyfriend and family are nothing but supportive and it all works out. In Jesus name, amen

Husband’s success

Dear heavenly father…Thank you for protecting me and my family.Thank you for providing us with our needs..Dear God you have blessed me with a hard working husband . Please may his meeting tomorrow go well with the client..soften their hearts to accept him in the project…Thank you for answering my prayer in the name of … Continue reading “Husband’s success”

My soulmate

I am going to meet my soulmate very soon. She is PERFECT and she’s on this earth to be the woman beyond everything I could hope for. I give thanks now to you Lord for creating her and appointing her to join union ship with me. Amen I am going to treat her with non … Continue reading “My soulmate”