Beg an answer

Dear Lord – my friend from the crib is coming to town in a day. He wants to see me. I love him for being my second brother, for sticking up for me for being my protector and loving me platonically. I need to beg a forgiveness on a white lie I must tell so … Continue reading “Beg an answer”


Oh Saint Jude. I am the one praying for you to win back our relationship with Adi. To restore us. That we will become stronger and stronger. Let us meet and be together, please give us a way for each other. Give us a second chance Lord, open his heart Lord to be brave in … Continue reading “Restore”


Prayers for my husband Karl (71) we have been married 27 years and he’s a wonderful man reads Bible is in worship team and prison ministry and has bitterness, guilt and unforgiveness in him .He makes promises and has excuses why he can’t get them done,he has a answer for everything and doesn’t listen long … Continue reading “Healing”

Before sunday school

Dear God, thank you for a new day! Today is Sunday; another day for church services all day. Thank you for my father. I pray his faith to reurn to him. I know he has salvation through your blood, but the seed fell by the wayside as with me in the beginning. Now that I’ve … Continue reading “Before sunday school”

Prayer before class

A prayer before class, Lord, help us in our work today give us concentration so that may we listen, understand, learn and have a peaceful mind and may we always remember that Jesus Christ is always with us. Amen..

Prayers for Meetings

Here is a collection of Prayers for Meetings of any kind: Business meetings, Sunday school meetings, church or family meetings, and prayer meetings. Opening Prayer for Meeting Lord, we are meeting today to conduct matters of business. Guide our hearts and our minds in the spirit of fairness, right thought and speech. Impart your supreme … Continue reading “Prayers for Meetings”

Prayer Before Meeting

Almighty God, our Father, we praise and thank you for this day. You have given us another opportunity to appreciate life and to fulfill our mission as Your instruments of peace and progress. Please pardon us for our shortcomings. Help us to amend our impieties, may we learn to pattern our lives through Your Sons … Continue reading “Prayer Before Meeting”

Prayer Before Class

Prayer for Class: Be Guided in Learning Heavenly Father and Your Beloved Son Jesus Christ, We thank you for giving us another life, We thank you for another Beautiful Morning. As we go on through our lessons today, May you make us instruments to do good things. Please enlighten our minds, Give us the strength … Continue reading “Prayer Before Class”

Prayer to be Punctual

O god,help me to be punctual at school, for getting beautiful flowers in term of education , soveirness ,learning & to be an actual mean of human life. punctualty is the main motto of success.