Lost and alone

by Gary ()

I guess I’m not going to have a Christmas. My wife is still separated from me and last time I talked to her was 4 months ago. Me, my wife and step daughters hearts need a healing. We need Jesus in our hearts. Wife and step daughter being me and hateful. Step daughter doesn’t want me and wife together or nobody. She will do what she can to stop me from being with her. She says I’m all mom needs. Wife left me high and dry. Very low on money even with a job. Im alone and all by my self. Wife is trying to take my house they are living in that I own. In doing so they are trying to turn my brother against me with lies to get the house. We 3 need our hearts unharden and accept Jesus in our hearts and stop our sinful ways, our mean and hatefulness and be the Christians the good Lord wants us to be. Im living out of my car and not enough money to rent or buy a place. I got money coming to me and lots of it, but the person that has it is dragging his feet and making excuses to keep from sending the money I need this money and help with him sending it. I’m almost broke even with a job. Atleast I’m not giving up on God like them 2. I pray and pray but I was told by a minister somebody is wishing bad things to happen and it’s not my wife or step daughter. I don’t know. I can’t get prayers answers. All 3 of us has health issues that needs the lords healing and I have a court case that my wife has me in that needs to be dropped for good based on lies just to get back at me. Never been to jail or done what I’m accused of. Funny thing is I want to get back with my wife(under better terms) and honor our wedding vows without step daughter interfering. I love my wife and I know she loves me step daughter is the problem. I need a home and this money to get it. Please pray for these problems. My prayers are not working for some reason. I’m a back slider and wife and step daughter has never been saved or baptize far as I know and step daughter real dad is really a devil worshiper. He admitted it and her real mom alittle better. So you see how step can be. Help us please. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everybody at your church and in this world of ours. Oh yes pray for the people around western Kentucky and neighboring states with the big tornado they had 2 weeks ago. Around 260 mph winds. Town of mayfield, ky is no more hit hard. Thank you and God bless.

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