Lord God Please Hear And Answer My Prayers

by M (USA)

Lord Jesus Son of our holy mother Mary I believe in you and the holy trinity , Our God creator of the heavens and universe please hear my prayers, Most importantly please forgive me all my sins as well as the sins of my family and impure thoughts and anything I may of done to offend or anger you.

Lord I will always be your faithful servant I bow down to you and worship you and the ground you walk on I love you with all my heart thank you for everything you have done for me and my family I have a couple of request my lord I would really appreciate if you can answer my prayers please make me always obey you and have a good heart as yourself , please give me good health, happiness, secureness and confidences in myself ,please protect me from the evil one and his wicked ways, Please make me become successful in business and in all my relationships, please give me wisdom ,please help with the things you think I need help with , please fill me with the holy spirit so I may do good deeds and be more understanding toward less fortunate people and please hear the prayers of all people who are in need of your help and please help free the world from sin.

God please answer my prayers and make them become in to reality for nothing is impossible for you thank you and I love you Amen

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  1. agreeing with you in prayer

    i agree with your prayer and ask God to Bless you on your journey…
    i thought i would share something i learned recently…about prayer…you only pray a prayer one time…then after the prayer is said you simply thank God for answering prayers…for if you pray the same prayer again then it’s praying with blind faith…so every time you say a prayer and think maybe God didn’t hear you…just know He did and every time you think of that prayer, just say something like ‘thank you Jesus for answering prayers’ or ‘I love you Lord because you never change’ see what i mean it makes a lot of sense and it kind of helps you to realize He does hear your prayers…it’s always in His seasons that things happen tho…but He already knows your prayers are answered…you have to know that too…God Bless You, hope that helped you in some way…thanks for sharing your prayer request…8)

  2. Please answer my prayers. don't let the evil one mislead my husband.

    Lord Jesus please answer my prayer. i want my husband back in Jesus name I pray.

  3. prayer for financial help

    Father God please touch the hearts of the people who are responsible for delaying my allowance. May they release and send the money that is meant for me today. I claim it in Jesus name that l will receive it any moment now. Thank you Lord..in Jesus name. Amen!

  4. My Redeemer lives

    Thank you Almighty for answering my prayers. I love you for sending Your only Son to die on the cross for my sins. I know from today onwards that i am loved by my Lord. Amen

  5. Prayer for success in interview, finances, and success in marrying desirable person, health and peace in family

    Dear lord,
    I thank you for all the wonderful blessings you have instore for me. Lord, I thank you for doing all the miracles in my life. Saving me and my daughter from the evil and wicked people. Lord, I strongly believe you have been hearing my prayer request and have blessed me. Lord, I thank you for all the love and support. Jesus, thank you so much for choosing me to pray for my friends and people in need. Jesus, help me with this interview that has been postponed for 4 days now. Dear lord, I look forward in my future and I want to live a better life and I claim all the blessings that you have for me in store. Dear lord, after unemployment my finances have broke down and plead you to please supply all the needs of my family. Lord, help me get rid of obesity and asthama. Please god father help me live and lead a life full of prosperity in Job, finances, health, wealth and love. Father, after a tragic and traumatic marriage now I desire to marry Basil, who I belive has come back in to my life with your will. Lord Jesus please please help me with this relationship. God father please bless me and my daughter to have BASIL in our life lord. I really love him and claim your blessings over my desire of marrying him. In the most precious name if Jesus christ I surrender, my thanks im advance for having fulfill all the above blessings in my life and surrender this prayer. Amen.

  6. Help

    Lord hear my prayer ! Please let my husband stop his verbal abuse and anger toward me! 39 years and still off and on ! He is saved but attacks me with such viciousness that I feel hurt for weeks until he stops the punishment of silence after the attack! I know he loves me and we have 8 children together yours mine and ours! I have to hide this most of the time !! Lord hear my prayer

  7. Save me from the awful absent of moral compass

    I made a bad mistake by the cause of PTSD and anger. Please allow the agency to forgive me and let me show my faith to repay this overpayments without losing my housing.

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