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I have a neighbor, ex con, who has a list of depraved crimes he served time for living underneath my apartment. He plays his music loud 24/7. I asked him to politely turn his music down and even bought him earplugs trying to be a good neighbor. He now is threatening me, harassing me, and the management company doesn’t want to do anything about it. I come home from work to him making my life miserable. Jesus gave the parable of the woman who kept coming to the corrupt judge who neither feared God or cared for people. She asked to be avenged of the person mistreating her. Because she bothered the Judge with her request so much he finally gave in and gave her what she wanted. Justice. Jesus then said, “How much more will your father in heaven help you if this man, a sinner, gave the widow what she asked for…” I’m asking for you all to persistently pray on my behalf and respectfully “pester” (for lack of a better word) God on my behalf. I need intercessors. And thanks. I can’t afford to move and this guy is demon possessed and being used by Satan to drive me insane. I can’t have peace in my own abode.

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