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by Anand ()

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I seek your help in the form of prayer to God to help me out.

I am G. Anand Kumar 47 years, married, and have two kids, my wife Soumya aged 40, elder son Abhishek 13 years and Akhil Jonathan 8 years.

My parents, father aged 80 ( who is a paralytic patient n last year he underwent hip surgery, almost bedridden, mother aged 72, suffering various pains in the body and has back issues. From 2014 to 2021, they both are having health issues and we had to incur too much money and often in the form of borrowing, pledging jewels in the form of loans, and at times having to sell them, still, we have to pay too many people.

I am well educated (BA, LL.b, PGDPM & IR) and working now but the issue is that I had to take whatever jobs that came my way as I was not having experience in my educated field. I now have 24 years of experience in office administration/ secretarial work, recently I had to change jobs because my earlier company relieved me due to restructuring.

By God’s grace, I got a job but the issue is…
1) traveling takes almost 4 hours (to and from)
2) salary is as before ( take home)
3) Though recruited as an executive, 95% of the job is clerical. ( but to date I have done my best whatever task given).
4) legs pain (at times severe)

past 10 years I and my family are praying for a job change though it was very comfortable in terms of travel and office time, though the salary was ok. but the shock of my life as I was hoping and believing that the next Job will take care of my debts, give better health care to my parents, and pay fees for my kids without borrowing or paying by pledging jewels.

on the work front, my boss is not so happy with me as he feels I don’t understand what he says and I often go to him asking doubts. he is like bit annoyed and it has put lof mental pressure.

I am often crying to God to help me and in the meanwhile, it has led to depression and frustration and most of the time I feel that I am worthless and have no point in living, and often suicidal thoughts haunt me and most of the time I feel I should no longer live. and the thought that this was not the job for which me, my wife, and my mom prayed so much for so long.

and daily mornings, the thought of going to the office makes me cry due to frustration but for family’s sake, I am going to do my best.

Please pray for me and my career, I am really in such a situation not knowing what to do, and on top of it, suicidal thoughts keep haunting me.

thanking you for reading the above mail


G. Anand Kumar
97437 56969

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