I’m So In Love

by Laura ()

I’m so head-over-heels in love with the most amazing man & have been for 4.5 months! He has said & done a lot to imply that he at least really likes me, but he still has not asked me out. We live in different states & I believe this has played a big roll in him not asking me out. I would love to go on regular video chat dates, visit each other, travel with him for his job (he’s a performer & tours around the country), & then move to his hometown. I was finally able to tell him last week without actually telling him that I’m willing to move, so I’m praying that will help! (I told him I hope to be moving soon to (my favorite place) or close to it. He lives just 3 hours from that place, which is why I added “or close to.”) I’ve given him every not-so-subtle clue without actually telling him. He is known to be in his head & refers to himself as a dumb guy, so I’m 99% sure he’s missing all my signs. My mom used to think he had to either recognize it or his friends would tell him (I told her they probably won’t tell him because they assume he knows.) but now, she can clearly see he honestly doesn’t realize I love him! My best friend can tell too! I know his friends can clearly see we both have feelings for each other. Last time we were together in person, he introduced me to a bunch of people & every one of them looked back & forth between us & smiled the whole time we talked with them. I even heard/saw one man talking about us afterwards, smiling! He invited me to dinner that night with him & his friend. He said several things that night to imply he really likes me & I thought he would ask me out for real after that, but he still hasn’t. That was a month & a half ago. I’ve seen multiple pictures & videos of him smiling really big when writing to me or talking about me. He’s written to me a couple times when he was upset & nervous & I cheered him up. I did a lot to help him out with one of his shows & he was incredibly grateful! I send him pictures whenever I’m at the place we met & most of the time, he puts a 😍 or ♥️ them! He got excited when I became friends with a friend of his that he knew I would get along great with! I posted a song yesterday to my story online that expressed my feelings. It will go away in a couple hours & he hasn’t seen it yet. I was hoping one of his friends might see it & tell him about it. I’m not brave enough to just tell him how I feel. I’ve been praying very hard multiple times a day & I have others praying as well! I know that God does His plan in His time, but I also know that He wants us to ask for what we want & need. I figured I should get as many people as I can to pray! Please pray for peace, clarity, wisdom, courage, bravery, & patience for me. Please pray for wisdom, clarity, courage, & bravery for him. Please pray for us both to always remember & find comfort in knowing that God’s plan is greater than ours & He will guide us & see to it that His will & plan happens in His divine timing!

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