I need a Miracle

by La Nita ()

I need healing in very aspect of my life !! I had ER surgery for a bowel obstruction in June 2022. After leaving work due to the pain I was having in my stomach, I went home and laid down. Because I know my shepherd’s voice, my life was saved.The Holy Spirit woke me up, saying “ that’s the same pain as the last time” , I immediately called the doctor’s office and was instructed to go to the ER. After having the CT scan, it revealed that i was having a bowel obstruction. God showed the doctor where the obstruction was taking place, they were able to stop it and I was blessed me not to loose any of my small intestines. I had a 7 day hospital stay, off work as we speak which is coming up on 3 months. When asked how the question “ how are you feeling” my response from the day of surgery has been “ I an healed “. God has kept His promise, He answered the prayers for healing that I prayed for myself, the prayers of my family, church family and my Pastor. Although God has brought me a mighty long way, He’s not done yet. Because I was cut from one end of my abdomen to the other, I stand in need of healing to strengthen my core. I’m not strong enough to lift 50 pounds, therefore keeping me from returning back to work. I also need financial healing, I have only worked 3 months this year, due to contracting the Omicron Virus earlier this year and having ER surgery. This would be my second time being off work this year. My finances are down to nothing, I’m behind in credit card bills and medical bills are pilling up, I’m afraid that upon returning I will be garnished. I’ve been on my job 35 years and I dont need this to be happing. God blessed me to not to have to pay the doctors bill of over 114 thousand dollars, due to their negligence. God has been good to me, He knows what I’m still in need of and I trust in Him and only Him to supply my needs. I also know the God can directly bless me or use someone else to get that blessing to me. I love the God with everything that I have in me and I know He loves me. Thank you

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