I don’t have to take this

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My home is my home. I do not have to sit here and take this. I am not living in a torture chamber and my Nana is not allowed to have people in my life who torture me. I do not have to take it. I don’t. I was given my first apartment by Section 8 and it has been a if I am tortured in here and as if someone is so mean, I ask my son all the time if he likes our home. I do not appreciate anyone making it feel like it is allowed to be that someone else is existing in here that is not here. I am serious I do not like this. I am tired of it. I used to have roommates and would struggle to being my room and feel so bad and have to go get comfort from someone and go out and ride the bus for many years and just not to be inside suffering, It has been ongoing I should be able to live happily and because I am in a four year university bachelors degree program for Christian ministry. NO one can tell me I have to work instead of be on SSI to earn my degree and The Lord determines that not the Pastor abusing her power to stop me and force things to go her way. I am serious I am fed up hearing all these things. I have felt people premeditate things in my life. Leave it alone Forcers!!!!!! Forceful Forcers!!!! You force! all you do is try to force me to suffer for no reason. I have the right to pray and live the life I am seeking and not have anyone do this. I do not have to be forced. l The enemy says that the rape that happened that I testified in has so much to do with all that I would never want to hear of and it is so forceful and evil and who gives you a right Who gives that church life the right when men can abuse with the courts? I am so tired of it as no one is making it so that it is easy and possible to go to court and make a real nice written statement that will appeal to me before the judge for the res to be fine. The courts should never seem so loose and lazy and like I am not able to stand jury duty and like I am pushed around. Really. How come it seems like my online prayer submissions would be interconnected and would be so much like something that would be a thing that was not private? I trusted the prayer lines so much before and now I feel hopeless.

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