I am in trouble Lord, Please help me.. I need your help. Please save me.

by Kavitha (Kerala)

Dear God:

All throughout my life i worked hard to get education and well being. But now I have a debt of 10 lakhs, and if not paid asap, they will file cases against me. I am 30 year old(you know everything) female, and people who are showing a friendly face are all trying to take a chance on my gender and my situation. I need you to genuinely help me. If you help me this time, I assure you that I will pay you back by helping other poor and needy. I wished to adopt a girl child if ever i have a situation to bring her up. Please help me for that too…Please God, I trust you so much and I am praying everyday, every moment seeking your help and trusting that you would help me.

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  1. muslim

    i need ten lakh rupees , o ALLAH help me in getting these. help me as i am a single person of my family who can earn, as i have nothing and i am supporting a large family consists of three little sisters and old parents..both are ill by health please help

  2. daughters tution

    dear lord iam in trouble i thought i had my daughters tution paid now they are saying that i owe money from 2 years ago she graduates in 8 wks.i have no money please bless us and my daughter she is no 3 in her high school class.

  3. Lord I'm in trouble. .......

    Well for starters I’m 20,000 thousand in the whole got ten grand homeless then no were to go sleeping rooming house to rooming house finally scored a job moved into apartment Ten slipped from ten to 5 in no time had to pay for to move plus I bought a car to ten thousand goes fast .got some credit cards and burned three them to so ten goes to twenty in no time in debt now lord sitting in and empty apartment no furniture no real friend and nobody likes me to long don’t no why been attacked by stranger to times once in Bojangles other threw rocks at my house for what man I don’t no drugs no beer no Partying im on my last venture bad knees job is killing me don’t no what to do family ashamed of me crimminal record haunts me no trouble in 20 years don’t no why can’t get a girl to like me either helped raise 2 young girls not even a mine the mother I was supposed to marry one leaves and tell to months after I got married to a guy in prison mother passed brother passed niece passed lord I you are anything but real I need you now lord I need you now I’m about to go on my last ride were ever you are doing Alex needs you now Alex needs you now I’m on my last .HELP

  4. Help me lord

    Lord please help me . I am looking for steady job where can get better health insurance and find a house instead of apartment. I work with temp agencies but want something more steady. I want to feel less stressed n more of your love in me.

  5. Heartbroken

    Just lost my mother my only living family member…pushed my husband out of the house yesterday….dont know where he isband if he is okay…hav to work 12hr shifts been away from my nine yr old daughter…estranged from my older children…feel so lost…Jesus please fix it!!!! I dont know how you are going to fix it but i need your devine touch…i can barely function putting one foot it in front of the other….im so tired of crying and hurting….i believe in you Lord…please come see about me….i cant make it without you….if its your will please bring my husband my family my friend home..in Jesus name..Amen

  6. Motivation gone

    Divorce has nearly destroyed me, my exwife ruined our accounts and did illegal stuff and got caught although i knew nothing about it i was still hit with years of back taxes. Kids and i started from bottom going from check to check til fianally i couldnt keep up anymore, now im a week from being in shelter and no vehicle. Trust me iv tried to get out of this but the more depressed i get the more i sink. I cant hardly look my kids in the face. The exwife lives at parents, even when all the stuff happened i never took kids away from her. It hurt and still hurts me that im not with my kids everyday. Now im so afraid i wont have them at all. Im on my last hope. I think GOD has abandon me bc i put in 16 years of hard marriage. Then blind sided why would he take my kids away . Iv prayed and prayed but each day a new bill or bad thing happens my mind blocked im at a stand still.

  7. Help me lord

    Dear lord please help me from the problems, i know that every human life are under the problems but am suffering problems from my birth to till this time. Now am facing a job problems , family problems etc.. Kindly lord help, I didn’t asking a huge home, box of money etc, I need only happiness for my family, i need a better job to fulfill my wishes. Please pray for me.

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