homeless death match impending. need help.

by Michael ()

hello. just so you know over the past two years I have been accosted by satan and Lilith. I have been trying to achieve the will of Christ but I have lost everything doing so and not one Jesus follower has helped me despite my obvious struggles. the demons have even attacked a friend of mine for simply loaning a computer to search for a job. (hauntings etc.) it only stopped when I told him I would perform an exorcism if I heard of issues again.

this very week because of my allegiance to Jesus I have lost everything. by this Friday if I am not paid what I am owed by my employer I will be evicted, and I will have to declare bankruptcy and leave my job. After this, I will become 100% unemployable and enter a homeless deathmatch perpetuated by satan himself to achieve the will, even if it means dying trying to do so. which will most likely end up in me dying a horrible violent death. ( FYI my employer hates Christians, even more so homeless ones because it’s a “high-end” employer.) I pray not for money or a Jesus miracle but just one thing. I want you to pray that if I am saved from bankruptcy Jesus can further empower me to pursue the will, and if this doesn’t happen, I pray that no matter what happens even if I die a horrible death, Jesus knows I pursued him and his will with all my might, strength, heart and soul. and certainly with all my finances.

I want you to pray for me because even if I fail to achieve the will of Christ and die doing so, I will be saved and find eternal life satan has me on my last leg and I know he wants me to die. he might win but since salvation is the eternal number one goal, this is what I want you to do. Satan owes this world and I refused to sell my soul to him during the great intervention, and now due to my rebellion, I will probably soon die. but I want to no matter what go to heaven. even if that means horrible suffering. I thought life would work one way and it has been the opposite and for good reason. Jesus makes the plans and ways. not you. I just want to be able to effectively carry them out if it’s will. or die trying if that’s his will also.

I seriously need you all to pray.

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